Craziest "Reflexes" Moments in Sports History

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20 MINUTES PLUS OF 👉🏼 Craziest “Reflexes” Moments in Sports History

BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 11: 28-29

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Eric Cimic says:

It's a crime that no clips were used from any racquet sports, cause the relfex/reaction time in those sports is crazyyy

Softboigxthic says:

You need to start adding wtc…

Lambda Lambda Lambda says:

Martavis Bryant… I was so pissed about how his career went but seeing the Raiders bust with Henry Ruggs, Damon Arnette, Lynn Bowden, and Alex Leatherwood makes it a lot better.

Ricardo Lombardini Tolentino says:

In the history of four sports…

Harold Kline says:

Mr Longoria, you are a man among men, and I know you'd probably say that anyone would have done the same, but you did it when it counted like it almost never does! Not only did you possibly save that woman's life, but that was a badass catch bro!

GSXRoyce says:

2:43 can’t be real? How could he gave known that ball was coming? It would hit her in the face! It’s either cgi or a true magical miracle.

Jordan Patras says:

You could basically put half of all NHL goals in history on this list.

Tex Cap says:

This is nice..but I can't believe there are no highlights of Barry Sanders and Michael Vick

Marco Fumoto says:

Am I the only one who can't see where the puck is going to? Hahahaha

amaizing says:

2:31 proof Longoria got bit by a radioactive spider – Spidey-sense

Sara Grant says:

3:01 freaking epic!

Quintina James says:

Americans realise there are other sports played world wide with amazing feats of athleticism right?

Samsung says:

I guess cricket is not a sport.

Steve Goble says:

Jackson with that spin at 5:33 is like a created player from a madden game. Dude a straight up cheat code it’s crazy 🔥

Strict666 says:

Wish this had been called "moments in American sports history" =p Oh well…the first two were pretty cool

anotherhuman says:

No Jose Fernandez catch against tulo???

Brian Titchener says:

Amend the misleading title to Craziest "Reflexes" Moments in North American Sports History. The world is much bigger than just America. More people worldwide play and watch football (soccer) than all U.S. sports put together.

Landon Wiseley says:

The only one missing is Marshall Faulks run against the Browns in 1999. Came to a COMPLETE STOP and was back to full speed in 3 yards. Still have never seen anything like it in my life.

TheCarSwede says:

Bro didnt even put one clip of f1

Soraremalta says:

So by 'Sports History' you mean, Baseball, Basketball & American Football…. typical Yank Ignorance

DGramusset says:

This title is misleading, this is not Sports History, is just North american last 20 years sports

M L. says:

If superman face planting on the infield grass isn't "off the baseline" what is?

M L. says:

That Gilette reporter and Evan went out for dinner and a movie after. 😏

Jhony Malabear Cocom says:

Craziest Reflexes Moments in "USA" sports history 🤔

jeph says:

Lester tossing the glove to first is a fave. Missed one: Jags' game winner against Houston 2010

ZaneMain says:

What's crazy is this type of stuff is exactly why professional sports are a thing. You don't react the way a pitcher does or move the way a receiver does if you don't do these things day in and day out. Truly remarkable what we're capable of.

Trenton Ghorley says:

The greatest catch in baseball history wasnt in this video, total fail!! Look up the "Did you just catch that" catch

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