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Craziest “Saving Lives” Moments in Sports History REACTION!! | OFFICE BLOKES REACT!!

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EJ XOF66 says:

The first is a fake

Brett G says:

The instincts of Evan Longoria in that first clip are amazing. He knows by the sound off the bat that the ball is coming towards them. He barely has time to even look where the ball is. And he’s a 3B on the 1B side of the field in this clip.

Jeff Burdick says:

Enough people have commented on the NFL punt saves, that I won't bother, even though I was ready to write an explanation. But I'll add this interesting fact. In college, the rule is different(there are a decent amount of differences in rules between the NFL and college football). In college, if the ball breaks the plane of the very front of the goal line, its a touchback.

Irish Guy says:

@1:39. 100% fake

HiveRobot says:

Gotta say it's a highly unexpected mix of actually saving people and…downing punts (no that wasn't a typo Brits, who read that as "downing pints";)

Lisa Smythe says:

You guys should react to Lamar Jackson. He and the Baltimore Ravens are on fire this season.

RM K says:

The first one is fake.

Jason Van Stone says:

Re-name to "90% clips of Smacking the football back out of the end-zone 🙄"

Agent Orange says:

Should be renamed Craziest “Saving Lives” Moments in US Sports History

Mr. BlindGuy says:

yeah, special teams punt coverage. You punt win it is the best strategic time to give the other team the ball. You are forced to kick-off the ball, by rule after touchdown, Field goal, and at the start of the game, half or OT. However, unlike with punt coverage, on kick-off coverage you can grab the ball and regain possession.

Jeff Detmer says:

Correct Daz. Those were punts. The play was the difference between the other team getting the ball on the 20 or where they downed it. Not true on kickoffs. If a kickoff goes at least 10 yards it can be recovered by either team.

Anthony Ramirez says:

Here is one to react to…..

YetiUprising says:

The first one is fake.

Natalia Vale says:

Dave, your hair is so shiny

Peter Ortiz says:

I wanna see office blokes try to return a kickoff 😂

sleepyhead luke says:

yambag?! 😂🤣😂

PeteThaSkeet says:

Would love to see you guys react to Saquon Barkley's NFL Rookie highlights!

joshua bolton says:

That is not Eva Longoria. His name is Evan Longoria

Bryan916 says:

@8:43 yes correct!

Hana J says:

Multiple people have died from getting hit with baseballs or hockey pucks. That’s why there are nets up now and your ticket states that you might get hit

Aaron Waab says:

This was meh

Troy Lion says:

React to NBA HARD FALLS it’s amazing !

Troy Lion says:

More sports videos please !

McDude OW says:

Who's the ginger on the left without a hat?

Wrangle McDangle says:

the first video of the player catching the foul ball is a confirmed fake that was made for an espn viral thing

Fezzik 76 says:

First scene is fake. It was done for a Gillette commercial but went viral and millions of people still believe it’s true

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