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Craziest "Speed Kills" Moments in Sports History

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Craziest “Speed Kills” Moments in Sports History

BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 5:24

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Scrubs says:

Best sports channel on YT

cmcfalls2 says:


Nesta says:

@9:06 until the first football speedster was shown. Incredible american bullshit.
You do know there are more countries in the world?
Also imagine USA if they never had slavery how much poorer they would have been as a sports nation. Actually would have been regressing in sports

Uncle Charles says:

its a few that were missing that i totally expected to see. The deion sanders inside the park homerun, darrell green chasing dowh tony dorsett and when big ass Larry Allen chased down that linebacker on the int return. Great video tho. i never seen rugby highlights but those dudes had some wheels on em. and that one hockey crossover was nuts never seen a guy get his ankles broke in hockey

302._daniel says:

Imagine usain bolt playin football pr basketball or even soccer dude would be the fastest and best in that sport

Robbie McForester says:

The best part with DK Metcalf, is that the cardinals ended up not scoring on that drive

Logan Rosselli says:

This is the best compilation so far, I like that this one has many different sports

Rosewolf29 says:

Probably gonna sound like a complete moron here but any smart people help me out here, what's difference between rugbe and American football? They look the same.

jimmymac63 says:

You kidding me @scrubs? This idiot posting this has no idea what he is doing? Only one Bo Jackson post…Not Tyreek Hill? Scrub channel

Madelinethemillennial says:

4:14 OK now you’re just showing off

Timothy James says:

Glad this was not just US sports. Good to see Billy Whiz's try against Wales (at 8:48), but some non-Rugby fans may not realise that the guy getting skinned by the American wing at 8:42 is Bryan Habana, himself a legendary speedster and the second best try-scorer in international matches in the history of the game.

Joe Wegner says:

Not having Chris Johnson on here is negligent

Jose Rodriguez says:

Not one clip of Barry sanders, or is that too out dated for this channel? Still a good video overall

Bearer of Bad News says:

5:33 Krusty the Clown be like:

Mark Lennox says:

Dee Gordon at 28.6 mph? I doubt it. The fastest speed achieved by a human is 28.3 by Usain Bolt over a 20 meter stretch in the 100m sprint.

Dirty D says:

How you gonna put the chiefs in the thumbnail but not even have them in the video?? Especially Tyreek hill!

Mark Smith says:

Lol, Sproles’ sprint stride might be 2.0 feet, but he still hella fast. 💨

GlyntTheCat says:

Good to see some hockey clips here, also good to see some Nathan MacKinnon in those clips too!

soyburglar says:

I got winded just watching this.

TheRealChangeOfPace says:

0:40 I remember when traveling used to be called after your third step…

Dark Metal says:

You know that this guy knows nothing about football/soccer when he didn't included the likes of Adama Traore, Gareth Bale, Thierry Henry, Kyle Walker, Alphonso Davies, Kylian Mbappé, Achraf Hakimi, etc.

Danny Diaz says:

I'm going to say May the best team win but I definitely have to go with the Rams I'm from Orange county when I was young I remember the Rams were the Anaheim Rams and the Angels stadium was there football field course I'm talking back in the '70s but we all know it's any given Sunday all the best records that's out the door lose pick your nose go home let's go Rams

AxeMastersINC says:

10:20 who the hell is that white boy?

furyofbongos says:

On that Metcalf tackle, they didn't even get a field goal from that interception.

Christian Porter says:

1st, THANK YOU FOR MIXING UP THE SPORTS – AWESOME…..However, how can u have speed clips with no CJ2K??? Travesty lol

Kilo Yankee says:

Je m’y connais pas trop en règle de basket mais 4 pas, c'est pas un ”marché”? 16.00

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