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Craziest "You Have to See It to Believe It" Moments in Sports History

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15 MINUTES PLUS OF 👉🏼 Craziest “You Have to See It to Believe It” Moments in Sports History

BIBLE VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 3:23-24

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Jonathan Nymoen says:

Feels more like an American version of "Sports moments in history".

corpse131 says:

Russell Westbrook must've been high er somethin

Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

Repent to Jesus Christ
“Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom.”
‭‭James‬ ‭3:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Xavierandorthex_team says:

What the heck was the sound of the fumbled pick for the loss.

Brian Abbott says:

The thumbnail instantly made me think "the price is wrong"

Rashad Price says:

Russ forgot he was playing badketball

Josh Kohler says:

Thumbnail deserves an award.

Surgical Entertainment says:

7:57 “you can break the piñata with this one”
😆😆 🤣🪅

bakerfly305 says:

AB black forces straight out the womb😂😂💀

a v wholesome gamer says:

Lmao at 14:33 when he grabs the ball back from the kid XD

Kyle Olson says:

Antonio Brown, wasted talent

Dilly_Dilly_Dale says:

Shouldn't have been Russell Wilson it should've been mathews


Moments in sports history? … just USA sports… yawn.

KRAP says:

Bro prayed to God, said fvck the rules, and ran a “Wild Cat Hail Marry”

Samuel ya says:

Rip Marion barber

Chris Moura says:

That Marion Barber back flip though 😂 😂. Rip legend 🙏🏼

RD G says:

Five players,,,one ball,,,,all ground

RD G says:

All the basketball clips are in shaqtin a fool, they should have baseball n football versions, any names

RD G says:

Go cubs stole home🧐

Low Key says:

My nigga was like “Imma need dhat ball bacc rq”😂

Paul Walsh says:

Makes me feel like i could play sport lol

Juan Borrego says:

RIP M. Barber

Karma says:

R.I.P Marion Barber🙏

Head Hunter says:

8:53 is by far the best. Had to rewind and slow mo a few times….awesome 🙂

Bastien West says:

The thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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