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Dad & Mike FIGHT as Robots in Real Steel World Robot Boxing!
Dad is “Fatboy” and Mike is “Ambush”! After the 2nd round, they switch boxers (not underwear, the actual robot boxers or… who knows … maybe underwear too, lol, jp) and we try a bunch of different arenas and we hope you enjoy the gameplay!
Thumbs up if we should play again!

Madeline Keane is one the subscribers who posted a comment requesting that we play Real Steel WRB! But thanks to all of you qho requested like Simon Gaming 29 & Kim Nguyen, it’s too many to list here but we appreciate all suggestions! 🙂 Thanks Teevers!

Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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Dan TDM says:

FGTeeV play real steel champion you can create a robot and name it like GOLDBOT that's my and have you're own moves and color mys gold

Zombie killer Jeff the killer says:

I can finish move

Zombie killer Jeff the killer says:

I can beat all of you I have gold Midas

2kCarnage says:

You can’t go in full combat you to do skill

Solar Bloom says:

2018 anyone

Zombie killer Jeff the killer says:

Funny duddy

Erwin Awang says:

Where you download real steel

Lane Love says:

Have you beet metro

Шварц Андрей says:

Два утырка один другого полоумлнее!)

Шварц Андрей says:

Бля у них у обоих не хватает!!!

Dingdicung Hnemtial says:

Play more real steel

Aaron Lor says:

Do you mean Midas

Fernando Ojeda says:

you are the beast

phoe chit says:

After the gold guy with the red mohawk is metro after metro is twincitties after twincitties is zeus after zeus is tri-gore and there only in the championship

phoe chit says:

The final boss in the championship is Tri- gore and I own against tri-gore

Darja Špehek says:

Do more Real Steel videos

Ethan Tong says:

I can beat you guys with my Blacktop

JamesArthur Gubalani says:

You have to call me a master of real ateel

Marckuz Nazareta says:

3 years to 2018

Marckuz Nazareta says:

i have all the robots

Haribok Kukac says:

omg fat boy vs ambrus

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