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Dele Alli spoke to Patrick Davison following Tottenham’s 1-1 draw against Everton where he celebrated by holding his finger to his lips, but the Spurs player denied it was in response to recent criticism of his performances.

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Andrew Coomey says:


Mn B says:

Bottom line he is/was over rated. Its not that he has dipped. He is scoring less goals which covers over the cracks. In England if a player scores a goal he must have played well. In reality you can have an average game and score a goal or two. He wouldn't get in my starting Tottenham eleven as a first choice to play off Kane. He would be an impact sub if you needed a goal in the last 30 mins and started playing long. Just doesn't have the fluidity needed as an attacker for a team like Spurs.

iluvbts says:

I want to say thank you so much to Dele Alli.
You made Son Heung-min.
From Korea

Trav TDS says:

Anyone see how little dele allis mouth moves when he speaks?

thomas bryan says:

Son of a bitch!!! Haha… Sorry for poor Gomes jokes aside for that part..

thomas bryan says:

Why on sky sports in interviews footballers look at a script to answer straight forward questions.. If you watch their eyes always looking down to the side.. They are definitely looking at something.. On Sky sports I think it's all scripted most of the time on these football shows..

Joe Fraser says:

why do we keep watching these interviews? does anyone really get anything from them?

jakiiboi8 says:

You scored a goal in a draw against Everton, who needs to be quite??

Ned Stark of Winterfell says:

His mouth doesn’t move as he talks

Rohit Satishchandra says:

"does it stink?"

SY KO says:

I earn ridiculous amounts of 💰💰💵💵💰💰for kicking a bag of air around a grass field..
Cmon Africa and other poor country's get ya priority's straight.
Footballers deserve to earn more money than a brain surgeon or more than a small country…
If it wasn't for football the world wouldn't turn…
I wonder how much deli Ali nose n eyebrows surgeon makes a week,
Lookin at Ali,peanuts😂😂😂

Dean Ryan says:

Major plot twist son is defo crying

Mr Miyagi says:

This dele haircut is when he plays world class!

Jack Hoskins says:

Spurs deserve everything they get

Nathan M says:

Spurs appear to be in trouble.. top 4 is becoming a struggle

Rio Hesmondhalgh says:

This was way to long

Zebadee says:

All he did is what he's payed a vast amount of money to do, score. This player needs to get his head down and stop playing the "The gangsta model" and grow up!. The pundits were spot on.

Ishaan Kaul says:

What does th mean

Shameema Bhyat says:

What do you mean criticism from pundits? The goal was literally given away by accident he didn’t work for it – it was a gift

east side says:

Get well soon Gomes pray for you 🙏

guru k says:

Pray for Angel Gomez

Jamster S-B says:

What a poor reporter. Asking questions he just answered. Your lucky he just kept talking an did not look at you sideways. Then act like your his dad at the end. Save it for your kids.

Charles Lenoir says:

Everyone feeling extra sad cos Andre Gomes is an actual BALLER

kigga13 says:

best wishes from South korea to Gomes.

Conner Young says:

What happened

Alan Dunne says:

That reporter really wanted to get a reaction from mans 🖐

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