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Dude Perfect "Nerf Bow Trick Shots" REACTION!!!!

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In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Nerf Bow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect and we think that they have the most fun job ever
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Dwayne N Jazz says:

Jasmine was shooting since she was a little girl lol

Lashell Adams says:

Yo I bet they take more than one hour

Lashell Adams says:

Yo I bet they take more than one hour

TelsaWolverine - says:

These all look easy enough

Thisbihjen says:

Dwayne predicted Mr.Beast's video. wow

Dvonte Williams says:

The people under me is gay

Gio G says:

React to dude decent lol

LEft Nutt says:

I went paintball once it gets hot with the mask and those little paint balls hurt so bad

just takobi says:

Hawkeye who

just takobi says:

Green Arrow who

just takobi says:

Katniss Everdeen who

Cameron Bailey says:

please react to gem fusions

Seize Pare says:

My dad is 30 I’m 12 and I went paint balling in low impact mode and it hurt so bad I actually broke my finger and if you go jasmine you will regret once your in the paintball center it’s too late to turn back it’s to late to say sorry

Abayomi says:

You two think 9 am is early I have to wake up at 5 am for school

Jedaki says:

Theres something called staging tho

Kris The chap says:

The closest thing to paint ball is nerf rival

Aiden Haymon says:

Y'all talk to much

sugar glider lovers says:

Every one witch one of the guys/panda

Dabbing Noob says:

I just noticed that tall guy is named Cody and ummm if you know what I'm talking about like this comment

Ugly Nerd says:

I miss Dwayne's bushy beard ;-;

Ugly Nerd says:

Pro call of duty skills damn…

Berserker Behemoth says:

It’s called a one wheel

PFenixTX says:

If you like nerf but want something like paintball, there is the Nerf Rival series that shoot yellow balls called the Hi Impact Rounds (HIR). that and i hear there is a new squishy paintball round that shoots out of paintballs markers but are super soft.

RodeTranx says:

Fun fact it takes them 2 weeks to make a trick shot video..

ainil mansur says:

The Bottle Buster(Extented)

santaman 24 says:

Rival is like panteball from nerf I have the Apollo and the world's best nerf gun from rival called the nemesis booooommmm I love nerf

santaman 24 says:

I love nerf

Jasakure says:

They don't know what a one wheel is..

Untitled T says:

I’m paintballing tomorrow

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