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10 000 Likes For Manchester United & Marcus Rashford in my Vlog Video ?
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10 000 Likes For Everton & Manchester United? 👍⚽
Marcus Rashford or James Rodriguez Who Better? Write in Comments… 🔥

Gianluca Piccinotti says:

Even in the premier League 😂😁

Jim Red says:

i think bruno is emotionally unstable. every collision with the other player, he'll complain and look angry. even if he's the one who make the foul

Carter Junior Dos Santos says:

Bruno all goals involved!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

sheila chitwamali says:

I love mun utd

Dilan Koh says:

With this game won Man U fans will say they will win the premier league this season 😂

Aryaan Banerjee says:

Means now man utd management has to say ole before every match that if they lose that will be his last match ….then man utd would be unstopable 😂😂

Asiya Ahmed says:


Balthinho says:

Not a single goal… Bullshit

Iwan Bagas says:

Pnas di awal everton hhh

Jerry S says:

Why can't Pogba play alongside Matic?

Because it will be "Progba-Matic"

Dovydas says:

Thank you. Love Man United!

Verdean Naidoo says:

Rashford better

Hello, Bye! says:

You just love to see Ole puts another class manager on place with no momentum at all! thats a rare strength.

Luis Arana says:

Now nobody says anything about James. 👎

Yasser labry says:

Kuma we bad quality

pandia channel says:

Pembodohan anying

Vicky Jota says:

Wow..this dude is real !! Worldvendor on telegram is real guys…try him out now …he is real guys..$2000 not a joke

Footballworld89 says:

bruno on fire❤❤❤❤

Sasha Pivovarova says:

I love Man United 💕, a sweet win today 😀 💕💕💕

Olas Lasmana says:

Mana golnya modus

Amanda tiana says:

Wow!!! This dude is legit…thanks to jack for introducing worldvendor on telegram here..I just got $1500 from him now with just $150..he is real and legit..

Avanip Kumar says:

Win on De Gea's birthday, epic😀

Jonathan Gardner says:

I got $2000 from worldvendor on telegram with just $200 after the am so happy …you guys can try him out too

Jonathan Gardner says:

What a match!!!

shadrach asante says:

Martial should be starting from the bench….there is nothing wrong with that

Daniel Tićak says:

Everton? Change the Pickford . One if worst ever seen goalk

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