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FC Barcelona – Legenda TIKI TAKA
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Frann z says:

Is this pornhub ?

vllpr says:

whos watching in 3860?

Will Leumaga says:

I thought I was going too watch a decent video of Barcelona legendary tiki taka with good music only too here "now let me your ass in the air…" LMFAAOOOOOOOO😂!!!


R.I.P Johan Cruyff

AW yudha says:

Ronaldo 15%goal=1Goal
Mesi 98%goal=no goal

Barca = 44 passing+messi=no goal
Real madrid= 2passing +Ronaldo=98%goal


박세인 says:

worst play ever 1:11

Jaime Esparza says:

Cuando Arthur y Coutinho hagan lo que hacia Xavi y Iniesta , para mi seran reemplazantes , pero no e visto nada impresionante aun de esos 2

Toring says:

Shitty music. Can't watch.

SHORT gamer says:

u hv repeated the same tiki taka

MR TUBE says:

Rip Tiki taka with valverde

Heber Cordero says:

El brazil del 2002 talves le daba pelea a este barza magestuoso y clasico

Elwin Junior says:

the real chikhen master..😃😃

Stop Organised Stalking says:

this would be the spanish national team if pep were in charge. it must be frustrating not being able to get the ball. the tactic was designed to frustrate the opponents. you know that if you lose the ball you're gunna be off it for ages again. 90% possession against real madrid. was all about the pressing aswell. it requires more from the players… because pressing off the ball was a ting he changed aswell.

PotLess_ says:

Valverde destroyed this ADN 😞

Nii Anelka Chacaliaza says:

Yo diria que aburrido

Rikal Vhh says:

Ini d buat untuk mengenamg tiki taka ,messi the last man

Massy ARK says:

Dieu je t aime

Massy ARK says:

Dieu choukrane

Massy ARK says:

Je t aime mon dieu du ciel

Massy ARK says:

Dieu think you

Carmen Escobedo says:

Como puede un video producir simultáneamente en dos de mis sentidos cosas tan opuestas. En mis ojos orgasmos y en mis oídos tortura

Agus Awaludin says:

Luar biasa keren👏👏

Inter Stellar says:

Is there anyone who wanna learn songs from this video? Then you got it: 1) Tomsize – Hands In The Air (ft. Ragga Twins)
2) Different Heaven – Nekozilla 3) Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart

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