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Bayern Munich won the UEFA Super Cup on Thursday in Budapest with a closer-than-expected 2-1 victory over Sevilla. In a match that featured the Champions League winners against the Europa League winners, it was the Bavarians who came from behind to win it in extra time.

After Lucas Ocampos’ opening goal in the 13th minute from a penalty kick, Bayern began to dominate possession and shots, though they weren’t as convincing in front of goal as they were in Friday’s 8-0 win over Schalke. It was Leon Goretzka’s equalizer in the 34th minute that forced extra time as Javi Martinez headed home the winner in the 104th minute.

The victory for Bayern was their 23rd straight, stretching the club’s unbeaten streak to 28 games.

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Jacob Thebeast says:



Arturo Castro says:

The penalty in the beginning is like the penalty Real Madrid was awarded against juventus in the UCL Buh the people who agreed on the penalty back then wanna bitch about the one in this game lamo

Bob Myles says:

They gave a better fight than barca . Congratulations fc Bayern

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peanutbutterchocolatecake says:

Sevilla are so infuriating. The game was handed them to basically.

Reid Pattis says:

Sevilla is the ONLY team who gave Bayern a run for their money. That deserves respect.

Jonathan Funnell says:


crownbock123 says:

0:39 is not a penalty kick. Horrible ref

Rosie Debevc says:

Another trilling win

Marek Wojtowicz says:

Lewandowski is super human when it comes to positioning. His eyes calculate the information about everything around him and then proceed to use best possible option whether to score, pass in blink of an eye. That 360 before Goretzka was one example.

Art999 art says:

Ok but goalie of Sevilla really good though. Fearless. Not like ter stegen.

oiuet souiu says:

Man, Bayern played not too good. Sevilla was frustratingly good defensively. In the end, gg, Sevilla. Almost gave me multiple heart attacks.

Sebastian Somenzini says:

Wheres Davies ?

꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂ says:

ya les esta valiendo verga la plandemia me parece muy tarde pero ni pedo

lilsilkyy says:

sevilla sold heavy.

muD walkn says:

0:59 this man says no penalty 😂😂😂

Prithwiraj Baidya says:

Well Done Bayern & Kudos to Sevilla for putting up a great Fight…But the important question is :

Renacimiento del Sol says:

The commentator can say all they want about not being a penalty. But it is. If the defense knows that he wont be able to make a goal why does he throw him up?

Aziz B says:

One dislike for that shitty dickhead Anthony Taylor backed by qatari and emirati oil money.

Aziz B says:

Anthony Taylor is always referring in favor of small teams, i have seen it in his game favoring psg, sth is wrong with that dude

Eunhee Lee says:

How does Bayern have less goals, it makes no sense I mean they beat Barca, Lyon, and Tottenham by a lot but Sevilla?!?! Meh

qopoy dnon says:

An underrated coach (Flick) who turned this team into a monster, UNREAL 🤯🤯🤯

Brian Liang says:

Sevilla did better than every team Bayern played against in the knockout stages😅

julie says: checkout this revival of the game club penguin

ray guzman says:

Sevilla is one hell of team

meforlife1345 says:

Why do they say it is Javi martiniz last game

meh says:

dun fwuhget to subswibe to pewdiepie uwu

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