February Week #1 Best Plays & Fails in Sports | Highlights, Bloopers & Funny Moments | February 2022

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(All rights go to the original leagues and their broadcasters, no copyright infringement intended. If I feature clips that you own and that you don’t want me to feature, contact me via my business email and I’ll take it down as soon as I can)
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DDS029 says:

I used to play basketball. I don't understand it anymore. Most of the good plays in the other sports show something you don't expect to see. I see in MOST of the basketball clips, plays . . . That's it . . . just plays. Hardly anything shocking or amazing. Just plays you SHOULD execute at that level. 🤔😟

Angel b says:

Amanda Kessel wouldn't miss an open net like that. Did you know Amanda Kessel (who owns a few Olympic medals) has a brother playing in the NHL?>

MadManMurdock says:

Can't wait for baseball season.

Ian Canuckistan says:

Dear Sports Complex, Could you please explain why Basketball clips have three or four replays and all others have one or two.
Thanks, a fan of all sports

Leif Opstad says:

1:49 the Flyers' season in a nutshell

Randalina01 says:

Too. Much. Basketball.

mjproebstle says:

curling, YA!! Cheers!

Tyler Durden says:

Funny how when a certain idiot skates into a post with his face at full speed it never makes the bloopers…

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