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Football fails compilation 2020 …
Today we will be going over the greatest football fails compilation to exists til 2020.
Now this is the first time we are making a video going over Football Fails, football vines…

We wanted to put a smile or a laugh on your face so we came up with this football fails compilation video to see how it goes, hopefully there will be much more similar videos to come!

Football Fails, Football Vines, and Funny Football videos is one of our favorite topics!

Hope you guys enjoy this video going over the funniest football fails the world has ever seen!

Also please let us know what you think in the comments below! and don’t forget to subscribe in the link below!

#FootballFails #FootballVines #FootballFailsCompilation



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OTF_maikyyy E says:

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David Vasquez says:

8:19 damn!!!!

Hasnain Shaikh says:

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Choon Fong Lum says:

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Azlisham Mohamed says:

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A T says:

Me too vanemas told nice there's room for improvement


When will be the next giveaway charly sir iam still Hoping to win a PS 4 😃😃😃


Nice edit videos 🙏🙏🙏🥰


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Joshua Velliam says:

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Lin says:

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yo ko says:

0:25 that was good

The Cooler Wolf says:

hi can I have a heart would make it 8 hearts from different YTers

The Cooler Wolf says:

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Hassan Muse says:

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dDBt 1634 says:

3:07 sterling learnt from him

Jivanjot Singh says:

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active happy says:

Noy a good video

Miky Samuel says:

It wasn't exciting with fails and skills together

Luke Jamieson says:

Where are the fails? Vanemas sent me.

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