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Funny staredowns in MMA and boxing.

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junaid khatri says: please like this video subcrube

john sarota says:

i love pac!

Jake Branthe says:

1:14 what kind of drugs is he on

The Antichrist says:

Guy with the red shorts. Ahahahaha!

Chris C says:

I fucking love Sean O'Connell

strongmoon1 says:

It's nice seeing these fighters have a good laugh before they start beating each other down.

Anonymous Gamer King says:

Jay Jay boske

BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india says:

that dude that grab the chair lol

Sorin Gavrilă says:

I laughed hard at the one with the yellow card

Marik 444 says:

@1:50 made me Lulz

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