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#Genius #EinsteinPlays #SportsCompilation

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Today we present, Genius EINSTEIN Plays In Sports Compilation.

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Alexandra Rodriguez says:

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Marissa Menefee says:

Steven Adams is just such a wholesome player.. he (99% of the time, I’m sure there’s been moments where this isn’t true) doesn’t search for opportunities that could make him look good, and he never minds giving up a clear shot that he could make himself in favor of passing the ball to someone else who can put the team in a better position to win.. to me he just seems like a very selfless player and doesn’t play for money or fame, he plays because he loves the sport and does his best to make sure the team wins even if it means “sacrificing” himself for it

Perry the Platypus says:

1:08 that’s nothing special just a double play

b s says:

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Street Justice says:

Westbrook was a game changer

Juan Deag says:

Nice clickbait… Why you should have written "AMERICAN SPORTS ONLY" smh. Uninteresting sports

Liliana Mclaughlin says:

නොදැනුවත්ව අවමානයට ලක් කිරීම

Cynthia Holmes says:

ඇගේ වර්තමාන පෙම්වතාට සමාන වන පරිදි ඔහුගේ පෙනුම නිරන්තරයෙන් වෙනස් කර ඇත අහ් ඇය

Crystal Floyd says:

මම ඒ ගැන හිතන්නම්හෝර්සා පැවසීය එය නරක අතට හැරේ නම්කෑ ගසන්නඔහු ඉඟටිය හරහා නැවත දුම්රිය පොළට බැස අනෙක් අය දෙසට ඇවිද ගියේය

Paul Pinelle says:

Too many adds. Not worth watching.

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