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Best trick plays in football of all time

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Kevin King says:

Seeing a lineman doing the "billy white shoes" dance is freaking EPIC .

Felix S says:

Great video

AceBobcat says:

I like how half of these are just "Andy Reid's a crazy motherfucker!"

SlamClamBigelow says:

I was today years old when I found out Albert Wilson has wheels 😳 very next clip, already knew Peyton never had wheels

Jigo says:

4:40 focus on the ball

jj says:

all I learned is that chicago only does trick plays lol

Patrick Goudie says:

The title of this should be "A little trickery"…

Tyler Reed says:

Russel Wilson flea flicker was a dot that pass was perfect

Tyler Reed says:

Travis and tyreek read option 😳

Jalapeno Bros says:

Love these vids keep up the good work!

Dennis Bertoli says:

Good stuff, but somebody clearly loves DA BEARS!

xOnTheBrinkx says:

How about a video of trick play fails?

Jeff Shutz says:

Missed quite a few plays on here.

Nikolas Ho says:

The surprising part about the clip at 2:00 is that bengals beat the patriots at he bottom lol

Chuck says:

Just a reminder the seahawks should have ran the ball

Yeeter211 says:

Why are these not in madden?

Golf-hawk says:

2:32 54 was held

Paul Barile says:

Best of the decade? I don't think so.

Maryland Fisherman says:

Funny, I don’t remember Football being in HD for its entire history…

lotklear says:

amazing to me that these plays are so rare

aj dileo says:

In today's NFL I would have AT least 5 guys who can effectively throw an NFL pass. The whole strategy would revolve around trick plays.

aj dileo says:

I am genuinely shocked that teams don't run trick plays on every play. You have unlimited time to prepare with incredible professionals and you run it up the middle with no fakes.

RD S says:

At 4:39 the pulling backside tackle HOLDS the Vikings LB. Check his hands on outside of Viking LB pads). No call of course.

Franny Ward says:

Would of been nice if you included the "Philly Special".

Vivian Reese says:

The absurd soldier morphometrically thaw because fog principally separate off a helpless canadian. known, cool find

Dogu says:

I'm one of those screams of joy at 3:33

Phantom Joad says:

C'mon man. Half these aren't even trick plays. Handing the ball off to big guys and direct snaps to tight ends doesn't qualify as "the greatest trick plays in NFL history".

Pauly Guitary says:

I feel like you could do a whole video of trick play fails featuring Washington. From the Theismann flea flicker (you know the one) to the swinging gate (that they lined up a second time after NY timeout) to attempting to throw a deep pass to a well covered RG3.

Brandon Bartz says:

I'm sorry, an RPO is not a trick play. Regardless who is doing it

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