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Greatest Trick Plays in NFL History

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Will Klein says:

1:44 if you didnt know Jarvis Landry was a QB in high school.

simon glancy says:

How much HgH had Manning the drug cheat taken prior to that rushing td?

Oregon Aviation says:

The Peyton Manning td run against Dallas isn’t a trick play, it’s basically a PA rollout where he just runs it, a bootleg I believe it’s called

Hugh Gard says:

Hey! ..No " annexation of Puerto Rico " ?

Lee Harries says:

Never understood this game. Why is it a trick to pass the ball more than once?

Russ Ferris says:

I like how the cameraman is never fooled.👍

Joseph Zeug says:

How you don't have Devin Hester's reception of a field goal kick and pretends to walk off the field and then runs it all the way back 100 yards for a touchdown….is criminal.

Pete Smith says:

Boring. Give me Australian Rules any day.

Jack Doe says:

The Jets. lol.

David Franklin says:

Why are there so many trick plays run against the Cowboys? Do they suck that bad?

Florida Lacrosse News says:

That Chiefs backfield shift is right out of the movie Knute Rockne: All American! Rockne got the idea for the shift after attending the ballet one night with his wife

John Smith says:

Did the Chiefs pull off the old Notre Dame shift? My word!

Martin Burnett says:

Greatest trick plays in NFL history…apart from all the ones we included which were big fails.

thefaytleingod says:

more then one pass is trickery. Lol

nathan mckenzie says:

You have those busted azz kickoff trick plays but you don't have HomeRun Throwback?


angc214 says:

Why does a list off greatest trick plays include the worst play ever by the Colts?

Ken Owens says:

I thought the NFL history started decades before these plays. I guess there weren't any trick plays way back when.

TeeKay says:

The first play isn't really a trick play, it's a standard veer play. The overload the right side of the formation and they pitch the ball. It might look like a trick play compared to a standard pro set, but it's really not.

ronald white says:

thank – you .

Andy Gorman says:

There are some good plays, but there many more through out the history of the NFL…

bdweale says:

Too much like Rugby.

Lion’s Den says:

3:10 It worked like a charm because NO ONE saw that coming, including the camera operator

Basil Vino says:

Hey NFL fans: if you go insane when you see a pass, you should try the CFL.

Dave Roberson says:

That play at 6:41 would be a 1000 IQ play if the player had been known to have issues with the coach previously, lol! But seriously a great one.

Automatic Slim says:

1:26 The downfield block by #73 is worthy of mention.


WTF most of the hightlights are agaist the Cowboys lol🤣

darn tootin' says:

Jets, laying down in the endzone other returner not even gets to the 10 yard line is not a trick play. They muffed it.

markula4040 says:

2:43 Rams just ran that same trick play against the Ravens on the 2 point version and it failed miserably so how could it be among the greatest if it can't work even twice?

jxc says:

I can't stop watching the Steelers fake spike

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