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Henry scores on Arsenal return against Leeds | Arsenal vs Leeds | FA Cup Third Round 2012

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Thierry Henry scores against Leeds on his return to Arsenal.
Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United
The FA Cup with Budweiser
Third Round Proper
7.45pm, Monday 9 January 2012
Emirates Stadium, Arsenal FC

French legend Thierry Henry only joined the Gunners on loan from US outfit New York Red Bulls late last week and had to be content with a place on the bench to start with, but with the game all square with over an hour played and the crowd chanting for the introduction of their hero, boss Arsene Wenger had little to lose.

And it certainly paid off, as the 77th minute winner was classic Henry, right from the way he collected a pass on the left-hand side of the area with one of his first touches of the game before caressing it with his right foot across the goal and into the far corner.

It’s been seen many times before in north London and it was no real surprise to see it happen again, once Alex Song had rolled the ball into space for Henry.

Henry’s triumphant return will certainly take the headlines and it saved the night for Wenger too, as up until that moment the game had offered little as a spectacle and Leeds could consider themselves unfortunate not to have earned a replay at Elland Road, just as they did a year ago at the same stage of the competition.

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D Mensah says:

oh man, what a return, he just had to score, it was all written

coco fresh says:

I wont lie am a united fan but this guy was without a doubt one of my favourite players! when he scored I was ecstatic! 

Tony Lai says:

4ever Henry

Oberyn Martell says:

what a face melting moment.

Tudal Le Breton says:

Classic finish.

budiarso says:

I remember I was watching this on my phone, a crappy stream, because I was on a holiday trip and had no TV. 3 AM in the morning, muffled scream, awake till morning. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. Such an epic return, the return of the king.

joec1211 says:

This is a fantastic moment, in his day arguably the best striker on the planet and there's still life in him yet. Great to see him put one away on his return. Sincerely, a Man U fan. 

MannyPacman Pacquaio says:

My favourite moment

Brown Ikonya says:

and he delivered his lines to perfection!!! Though he was offside, but who cares?? Legend of football..

Omnia says:

look at the defender up top while henry's making his run if leeds were the best team in the world your moron of a defender wouldn't be lost

P-A.B says:

He's totally onside, his right feet is really close to the line, while there's a Leeds player who got lost upside. (btw, wtf this defender is doing)

MultiBob6789 says:


MultiBob6789 says:


IrishPapaSmurf91 says:


limitededish says:

on side! Keep pausing and playing it from 2.00 to 2.03. You will see for yourself. The defender is inside the box, whilst Henry is behind the line of the box. Great Goal. Barca supporter by the way.

Gradski Park says:

Thumbs up if that was a very emotional moment for you

Gradski Park says:

Thumbs up if it was a very emotional moment for you

LP says:

Henry > Chamakh+Walcott+Arshavin+Ramsey combined

BedDdaMatriX says:

That is not offside… Just enjoy soccer, just enjoy Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry.

Adam Fear says:

Maybe it is just Henry who is the best…. Ever
Actually he is the best ever

Enrique Lloreda says:

henry should slap walcott and tell him to give him back his 14

Sillzboy12 says:

bye bye henry for the 2nd time god im gona miss him :'(

xCluSiiF26HaZarD says:

The Legend of Thierry HENRY <3

Roy Shany says:

Henry is the best striker in the world. Want to see the next Messi? Look on the search for Lotan Shany..


the left back keeps him onside

Babarossi Tunes says:

It just had to be Thierry Henry!

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