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The most genius moments in soccer, football, tennis, golf, basketball, and ice hockey history!

Title: 200 IQ Moments
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Johnath Jovani says:

Nơi nào bình yên công việc thuận lợi thì ở thôi Lộc huynh ơi. Miễn là không quên cội nguồn gốc rễ là được. Chúc gia đình a gặp nhiều may mắn- bình an và hạnh phúc!!!!

D D says:

Рональдиньо подленько поступил

Bunnito says:

Their iq is bigger than mine witch isn’t saying a lot but it is probably better than yours also

David Wu says:

1:23 it wasn’t actually in tournament. It’s a fun challenge the pros like to do. So it was skill

CR7_* sport says:

Cristiano Ronaldo designs you will love😍😍

N4T says:

1:14 what that f*?!!! hahahaha

Martin Zanichelli says:

Because of its importance for the World Cup and the preparation required, I think you should include the second goal of Argentina (J. Zanetti) against England in the World Cup 1998.

Sirius Leigh says:

Best goal Messi didn't score.

Gunsong1 says:

That golf shot was awesome.

TwoJuiceMan says:

Boy I'm sure glad you didn't put any stupid music over the video

dangerouswater says:

2 :32 what is even more amazing is that he used the support of his opponent’s shoulder to facilitate his own rotation in mid-air. I didn’t see it the first time either😱

Bret Harley says:

Grandmas can apparently hit very tough shots.

Candices K says:

3:22 LOL🤣

Candices K says:

first situation is just… 🙄

Arkadio says:

With all undue respect- no need for players to have high IQ. This is the role of a coach

Riccardo Quartarone says:

The last one is not allowed, infact the referee whistled the foul

Kerem Muhammedoglu says:

1:24 Skill

Omar Del Mar says:

There are high "IQ" moments in sports?

Namealreadyinsue says:

If this is considered high iq, then the world is doomed

Patricity says:

Why is getting a new stick from the bench "high iq". Probably happens every game lol

Strike Eagle says:

these are skills not iq

Maria cleide Di souza says:

Fizeram bonito em meninos 👏🏽

Яшар Бабаев says:

Good music!

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