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Premier League highlights from our 3-1 win over Tottenham Hotspur at Elland Road in the Premier League. With goals from Stuart Dallas, Patrick Bamford and Rodrigo.

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Евгений Леухин says:

Leeds Leeds Leeds!

Kanymkul Nurlybaeva says:


seeni gzty says:

holders gather at every fixture. majestic indeed !

Osman Alud says:

Marcelo Bielsa Marcelo Bielsa Marcelo Bielsa Marcelo
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa orgullo latino maestro integridad honor honestidad y dedicación de un GRANDE Bielsa

soiung toiue says:

Leeds is Robin Hood of premier…steal points to the rich to give it to the poor…

yasio bolo says:

Arriba el leeds. Me hice simpatizante del equipo por Bielsa. Saludos a todos los hinchas del leeds desde Argentina

Андрей Береснев says:

Тоттенхем такая залупа .

Ja Rinxcii says:


Ja Rinxcii says:

Kane & Son need to leave lol 😂. Owners and management of Spurs is trash 🗑

Andang Rizqi says:

Kek gini mok ikutan super League 😂

Kudzanqi Bendembe says:

Marceloo bielsa best coach

Ahmed Ad says:

Freedom for Palestine

Hernowo Indra says:

Most successfull promotion team in EPL. Niceeee

tyuhf sdftvhu says:

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The governor's proclamation was posted on the State of Vermont's website (screen shot)

Knneth Sanders says:

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Adrian Billy says:

What i said, Bale hattrick doesnt count you are a big club. You cant handle Mourinho demand and you failed as a team.

ANKAR SKAwan says:

Elkan Baggot my From Indonesian

Milas Ados says:

come on leeds !!! a big hug from Formosa, Argentina

Back to Purrrfect again says:

Typical error from Spurs defender…first goal approve that…

Ardio Taulan says:

Lioris taik

Dhany Daniel says:

We already miss Mou

Feria says:

Vamos Leeds

bri bri says:

Subscribe to Georgenotfound and dream

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