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Mo Salah scores another sensational solo goal after assisting Sadio Mane for the opener, whilst Roberto Firmino netted a hat-trick to give the Reds all three points against Claudio Ranieri’s Hornets at Vicarage Road.

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Neville Joaness says:

Superb outfoot by Salah to Sadio

Akang Shohib says:

This Trio is so ……….

Catur s says:

Liverpool like Barca in the past

RudyDaily ✨ says:

Seeing salah the reason the I have clicked on the video

Akshay Meena says:

World Class Goal And Assist By Salah.

toijg avnnr says:

Happy to see Liverpool playing like this again, one of the best teams I've ever seen.

DoJi Mohammed says:

1:30 it's look like salah saying it's ma turn guys let me show how it's done…

Natural Satisfaction says:

Na na na na na na😂😂😂, Salah really has something against those defenders. Pre-goal moments😂

AwemanyFit says:

You guys really trashed Watford hard
Salah is a very great player

Satria Soneta says:

we love m. salah

kanewm Rogers says:

How old is Ben Foster ???


when compare mo with the rest , they fail to mention that the premier league is the toughest of all leagues in laiga 10 teams has salaries below 20 MIL pounds AND LIGUE 1, 11 TEAMS , only 2 teams in the primer league have total yearly salaries below 20 million pounds

misuyy fong says:

the end of the match: "Who needs Alisson?"

خزاان الأمال says:

‏أذكروا الله كي تكونو بخير ،
‏فلا خير ولا سعاده إلا بذكره
‏-لا إله إلا الله 🌹 اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى ال محمد🌹أستغفرالله العظيم🌹

Rehan Nusrat says:

Oh My God Salahh ♥️

Abdirahman Yusuf says:

Salah is the goat idc what anybody says

Ali Faisal says:

Salah is the best not because of the no. Of goals but because of the nature of them KB and haaland can not dribble 4 players and score like this at the moment

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