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pedro hadad says:

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もふ毛布 says:


jaden mendez says:

3:07 wtf was that?!!😂😂😂😂

Kyle Jonas says:

1:41 anyone what they scored this as? Did they redo the pitch or was it a ball?

Justin James says:

That gum and cup on the hat thing reminds me of the old school hot foot they used to do. I miss that lol

Apache attack Helicopter says:

2:37 the lower area just loooooook

Stevey B says:

Dude the part where none of the guys in the dugout moved on that foul ball had me absolutely crying. Such a trip.

Thatone Dude says:

Bloopers, huh? Hardly.

MrBusDrivr says:

I so like it when the guys play hard but still manage to have fun!… So much better than bench clearing, IMHO…

Ryan Edwards says:

Mike Curtis, Baltimore Colts reference

Diego Davila says:

1:40 They Motley Crued him there!

Derek Kane says:

Adrian Beltre should be in the hall of fame just for enjoying the game

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