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How To Deadlift: Layne Norton’s Complete Guide –

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Don’t be that guy who butchers the deadlift while everyone else in the gym watches in horror. Pull more weight using better form with record-setting powerlifter and natural bodybuilder Layne Norton!

See The Complete Guide:

For the first half of my lifting career, I avoided deadlifts. (I was guilty of doing the same with squats.) Why? They were hard, and I just really didn’t want to do them. Sound familiar?

Then I decided that my back needed to be brought up to the same level as the rest of my body. I consistently started incorporating deadlifts, and that made all the difference. When I did my first series of natural pro shows in 2010, the judges couldn’t believe the changes I’d made to my back size and density. Now five years later, my back’s gotten even bigger, and my deadlift has gotten even better.

When I began deadlifting consistently, I did more than just pick up heavy bars, though; I researched proper form and how to execute the lift. I also learned from some of the best people I know, including Ben Esgro, Dr. Mike Zourdos, and USAPL World Team head coach Matt Gary. Compiling all of that information led me to where I am today, and I’ll use those same lessons to teach you how to deadlift safely and efficiently using both the conventional and sumo stance.

Don’t fear the deadlift. Master it with my complete guide!

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JujuMagic8 says:

super high production quality

Michael Jovan says:

Thank you for sharing Mr Norton! For a beginner what amount of sets and reps do you recomend? 3 sets of ten? 3 to 4? Thanks again!

EarthGame says:

What does deadlift focus in which part of body

Jennifer Lynne says:

what about vibram's five finger shoes?

ri3it483qthirf says:

sorry bro you're not a scientist. please stop diluting the meaning of that profession. and you're not a researcher just cuz you google nutrition and science stuff online. if you're a "scientist" that means you attend conferences, publish, give talks, got a science graduate degree from a university, read up on state-of-the-art, and conduct experiments using the scientific method, meaning you start with a hypothesis, gather data, design and conduct experiments, find and publish results in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. a scientist is an academic and a scholar, a pioneer at the forefront of the human intellectual frontier, contributing to the scientific community. it's just sad to think that average people like yourself just give themselves whatever label they want to make them feel better about themselves. you're a grunt and a meathead, self-proclaiming anything else is insulting. sorry had to get that out there.

Huss H says:

can u dead lift with no shoes ?

Mentor Vokshi says:

where can I buy that belt, its easy to unlock after use.

Antoineee abdacc says:

No wonder layne fucked his back up, good morning squats and scared cat deadlifts

Luke Van Wyk says:

best advice is to just pick up the fuckin weight in a straight line without bending your back, done your welcome.

Bubbling says:

“I blow my back out every time I deadlift, listen to me about how to deadlift”

TheThe The says:

Best video about deadlift on YouTube.

badgr fan says:

can u do these after a back injury????

Johnny Appleseed says:

When it comes to deadlifting my biggest issue is getting the bar past my wang

sam yee says:

Crosshit need to see this

Mike Taker says:

Best deadlift video out there hands down well done

Just Bodybuilder says:

Great video

OJBeats says:

Layne Norton fucked up his back because of improper form.

Grindin'78 says:

I wear pink ballet slippers.

I Have Autism says:

Video starts at 1:28 you’ll thank me later

4:13 is when he gets done going over equipment

Ezra says:

I am way to scared to deadlift

vikram kumar says:

Great job buddy✌

justin abraham says:

This dude is contradicting to himself. His conventional deadlift form is horrible and he had several back and neck injury before too. Please don't advise from him.

justin abraham says:

Pause at 1:32 and see his form. If you talk the talk you gotta walk the walk. Fix your form first ??

ArrA says:

You look like a tortoise on the thumbnail

Calisthenics - Streetworkout says:

Please check my deadlifting form out on my channel. I really want to know if I am doing it right befire I start deadlifting regularly. Thanks 🙂

Logan Vervicos says:

So funny. He is trying to make us believe that with the deadlift (a legs exercice) his back became bigger. Let show us how much you lift on barbell rows instead.

帥氣Kevin 新北 says:

Can I ask a question? When I stand up,I really feel my right leg more power than my left leg.(But I can stand it up ) How to improve?

Kennedy Tank says:

Instructional video on how to disable yourself by a fake natty with a phd.

Ahmad Shabeeb says:

No excuses after this video

Abdullah Morad says:

Who TF disliked this video and what exactly for?! -_-

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