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Welcome everyone to the release of the greatest trick play in Madden 16 History! This play is by far one of the most fun plays to do in madden 16! (please note: this play is not a money play and does not work every time, but with some practice can mastered quite easily!

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Madden 16 Trick Play

-RandomGamingCrew (RGC)



Ğhøšť ģøđ pŕåý says:

Lol the new yoboypizza would call this cringe

Elmo The Puppet says:

I subbed, love your vids

Fana Qw says:

I'm from the future

supra mk3 says:

You’re the best

Luis Espinoza says:

+YoBoy Pizza Do you know if this is possible in Madden 18 or you haven't tried it yet? I did it in Madden 16 and Madden 17 on Xbox 360, but I got an Xbox One, and it doesn't seem to work.

Luis Espinoza says:

+YoBoy PIZZA I did this in Madden 17 for XBox 360, but have you tried it in Madden 18 and will it work?

Brayzyy says:

I did that but he wouldn't throw it to the running back

Emerald Enderdragon says:

Is it only in the Seahawks playbook?

Eman Brutus says:

Did they patch this now?

Kristopher Cons 2 says:

well now everyone knows about it, thanks

Monique Boyd says:

I mean slender

Monique Boyd says:

Do this what if skender was in the NFL madden

danny mezquita says:

Thank you for doing this pizza it inspires me so much

Redman Gaming says:

What anout madden 17

Tammy Mathis says:

do the music city miracle

Janet Marcelin says:

thanks my brother eallyt thought

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