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A beginners guide to Wrapping hands for boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, mma and all other striking martial arts.



Vlad Khomutov says:

That's a good f-ing wrap. Gread vid. Pay attention beginners – this will save you from many injuries. I had to learn the hard way lol.

Jonah Lamb says:

Best easiest tutorial ever!!!

Castiel Novak says:

Can you do a video on how to wrap your hands with a smaller wrap? 120? I DON'T know how to wrap my hands. Someone help??

Weak Endz Barbell Club says:

Nicely produced! Easy and simple to follow ??

EquinoX ReZ says:

This is the best wrapping tutorial I've seen. I've watched many bravo sir.

Kye Matten says:

Great vid thanks for showing us how to do it properly

Iaswn 1312 says:

Perftect video!

Jag är jävligt Rik says:

Finally i can spar without someone telling me how to do

Antwoord23 says:

Finally a wrapping tutorial that doesn't over complicate things.

D Maq says:

I didn't like this wrap after a a good hour in the gym . Jusr my opinion. we all have one.

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