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It’s the biggest betrayal in football history. Once good friends, Mauro Icardi and Maxi López are now enemies because Icardi stole his wife!

You wouldn’t wish that on your worst enemy.


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Diego Esquivel says:

The biggest betrayal is Figo going to Real Madrid from Barcelona

Ivanohe Martin says:

Someone show this vid to Matt Barnes.

john allsworth says:

Two men vs one hole

Click Bait says:

Dem pussi uuff

Flam ingo says:

thats why i hate icardi

Violet Phiri says:

she's not that good looking and icardi as handsome as he is he couldn't find himself a girl but he preferred his Friend's wife.shame

Forever Young says:

Surprised maxi didn’t try and snap Icardis leg in two when they played against each other

Fillipo Quatromini says:

She is a bich!!!!!

Axror Azimov says:

Frend and Frend

GANTZ 0 says:

Icardi is such a piece of shit damn

GANTZ 0 says:

Dude the girl looks nasty wth. Icardi you fucken idiot

James Wang says:

In 2010 Icardi wasn’t even 18! So…

M says:

Naa Giggs. He done it to his brother!!!

sai nath says:

It's always the pussy that gets u into trouble and destroys everything lol

Shin Laghman says:

Forget John Terry

Real_Deal29 REEAL says:

hijo de puta mauro icardi

The Gamer 7 says:

So how many biggest betryal in football history are there??😂😂

The Gamer 7 says:

So how many biggest betryal in football history are there??😂😂

Dennis Kose says:

They will sit at a barr in some years, Damm bitch fucked us both

Silemani says:

Don't make a hoe your wife

Lukas Karlsson says:

Icardi i is a f*cking b*tch

Mohamed Ahmed says:

Wifefucker should be shaking dicks now with Maxi as they have been to the same hole

Abdulla_Star17 says:

Who’s here after his posts on Instagram…

Georgi Georgiev says:

Maxi Lopez was already cheating on Wanda several times so that's why she did that.

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