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John Williams – Olympic Fanfare and Theme (The Original 1984 Recording)

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In anticipation the 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games in Brazil, here’s the rarely original 1984 recording of the Olympic Fanfare and Theme for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Summer Games, composed by John Williams conducting a Los Angles studio orchestra as originally heard in the original record, ‘The Official Music of the XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984’. This does not incorporate Leo Arnaud’s “Bugler’s Dream.” Recording courtesy of CBS Records (the original one, not the current one) and Sony Music Entertainment. Enjoy and please comment! Please avoid off-topic comments, negative comments, profanity and chain letters, for they are rejected. To those who comment in a different language rather than English: I will go to the Google Translate website to type in my English comments, translate them into a different langauge whether or not I could understand, copy those translated words and paste into the comments box.


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