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Herman aka “The Mongoose” has a plan to escape from detention.

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Isaiah altimarino says:

Hermin is the one from the movie wonder and hermins name in wonder is Julian and calls aggie a freak

JakeDaDog12321 gaming says:

1:59 me trying to be cool

Supreme Mickey says:

2:09 looks at camera

Klonoa1211 says:

I want Bendy to react to this!

Eli Romer says:

My name is funtiime Eli

Victor Espinal says:

Mongoose wowwwww????

Ryan Gamer90 says:

Dout it and trout it and swout it and nout and Crout ko

Landon Kemper says:

Way would you do that

Kayla Acabal Perez says:

This is a great video

Game Station says:

She died Of laughter

Emilio Rodriguez 101 says:

How old are you

Ruby The Vyriss says:

"You doubt my skills?"

Wendy Pearman says:

Herman reminds me of a kid in my class named Chad and hes so aynoying

claudia medrano says:

Hermen is this the mongos

Mobile Junky says:

She’s cute

Tamar Morehead Tamar says:

Best escape ever!!! I wish I had Karate Dave to get out of detention. I only been there two times last year in 6th grade, but none this year in 7th grade. I wish I had him to get of a test I didn't study for that would be awesome!!!

Tamar Morehead Tamar says:

Best escape ever!!! I wish I had karate Dave to get out of detention, but I only been there two times in 6th grade. Right now I am in 7th grade with no detentions at all, but it a couple be cool to get out of a test I di

Abdullahi Dad says:

Damp dude good escape

Greg W says:

I love her voice shes cute

Brendon Cone says:

Herman: My name is Herman and I am the mongoose
Me: Haha… my friend escaped school.

Lorenzo Gastaldo says:

Why was his nickname be the mongoose

Eric Jaswilko says:

Julian from wonder

Laila coleman says:

Hermans cute ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Laila coleman says:

Hermans cute

Fancy Animal says:

I just hope that if I go into detention I can sweet talk out. I've never been before.

Lil’ Games says:

Is that nickie

Dragon master says:

Classic. So classic

KP Seahouse says:

The mongoose strikes again

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