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Kids Arm Wrestling Against Strong Mechanized Robots: Boy Vs Girl & Kids Vs Adults – RAGE Mode!

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Kids Arm Wrestling! Rage AND Beast Mode ENGAGED! It was Kids Doc and Piper going up against the Mechanized Beasts in Over The Top: The World Arm Wrestling Championship Arcade Game today! Not just that. It was a Double Header as it ALSO was a Kids Vs Adults Challenge AND a Boy Versus Girl Armwrestling Competition to boot. WOW! We’ve never played this Arm Wrestling Game. And let us tell you, we will be back soon enough to take on these Mechanized Arms of steel again. We’ve seen other Adults play this Arm Wrestling Arcade Game Over The Top before on Youtube, but have never came across the Game in real life. Well, FINALLY we have our chance today. The Girls fought on fiercly through the Ranks as they both went on to take down all manner of Challengers. The Maestro also stepped up to this Arm Wrestling Challenge to come out of retirement once again. Doc got himself into a lot of trouble early and often as the Mechanized Arms Of Steel baffled him into submission. This Over The Top Arm Wrestling Game was A LOF of fun and V-E-R-Y popular at this Family Entertainment Center.

Over The Top: The World Arm Wrestling Championship Arcade Game

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E.L.: “Recommended Arcade Game”
Rocky: “Recommended Arcade Game”
Piper: “Recommended Arcade Game”
The Maestro: “Undecided Arcade Game”
M&M: “Recommended Arcade Game”

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