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Leicester City 2-1 Manchester City Post Match Analysis | Premier League Reaction Review

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Salah Salah says:

The reason for the loss of Manchester City Pep Guardiola is the philosophy of excess and negative changes and the plan of the level of players and break their level while watching their mental return tied and psychologically corrupted How to provide the level of Nada Guardiola Smashed in Manchester City with his excess philosophy I know Cloaks cocky

JJ Ryan says:

Last season belonged to KDB, this season it looks like it is Van Dijk's.

Luke Christo says:

Just curious, what tier is VVD now? Still 2?

Micheal Duffy says:

We had Leicester and Palace (away) in 1st 4 GWs these 2 games for 90mins were LFC's toughest games of season to date along with chelsea (away) in 1st half and we should of beaten Aresnal but a draw was fair. City at Anfield was our toughest game but im not shocked these teams caused City trouble so much so they got beaten by them. Look at LFC's early results vs same teams very tense games. YNWA

Tapiwa Muza says:

Its only real if Klopp gets a W against Pep when they meet in a few weeks…actually only like a week lol….

Great video HH!

Jr 1974 A.D says:

Lol !! City fans are hanging on January 3 … don’t forget all big games against Arsenal , Chelsea , Leicester city , Crystal palace , Watford and Spurs all teams are coming to play in Anfield ….. if we lost at Etihad doesn’t make different to us…..

IIM 10 says:

HH I 19274910% agree with ur opinion on city n pep, viewpoint spot on

gongie john says:

liverpool will go unbeaten and setting a higher standard than what man city did last season

the one below the turf says:

Time for city to spend about 200 million again😂😂

NI5HU A. says:

imagine liverpool choking his lead.


Oh boy. This game at the Etihad will be season defining. We’re fucking shambles. FairPlay to Liverpool you lot ain’t conceding and have already even the gap in Goal difference. Spurs as well leap frogging us. Without Fernandinho we can’t defend.

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