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Leicester City Smash Liverpool 3_1
Leicester City



Teo Burca says:

Kloop like Mou now…blame,balme…balme….blame what ? Fuhlam…Newcastle….West Brom….Brighton…..SouthM….So,is not wble to win this team and u are still blame what or who ? He s crazy….Well…Gurdiola can blame….Komapny….David Silva…Sane…De Bruynee….Aquerro….let s cry now…and blame…By players and play and don t blame ev day…! Liverpool not good anymore this year….simple like that…! Tired…and no more power…!

Alternative Facts says:

Liverpool attack ain't scoring. Yes they have injuries at the back. Pellegrini won his first title by out scoring his opponents.

REdawn LiveBirds says:

who ever writes these click bait headlines needs an ares-kicking! must be about 5 years old!

REdawn LiveBirds says:

brilliant leicester>? they were pinned back into their pen area for most of the first hour of this game..

Thiago Da Silver says:

The Liverpool problems are deeper than the injury struck defense. Remember, Liverpool had defense problems before they bought Vandyk, but they still used to score many goals. Now they are actually scoring less and conceding helplessly. If the situation had anything to do with their defense only, we would see them scoring a lot but maybe just fail to protect the lead.

Patrick Ferry 94 says:

Rio speaking sense πŸ‘Œ n I'm a Liverpool supporter but he's 100%

Tiani Domingo says:

The midfield is too slow and weak, rest gini and thiago

Chee Chinwong says:

Injuries are a real excuse. After this loss to Leicester and Manchester City, it seems that Liverpool loss of 7-2 to Aston Villa is not a fluke. Do the maths!

Clinton Padayachee says:

Injuries are an excuse. Injuries are part of the game. Klopp should of strengthened and not rested on his laurels. They won UCL and the premier league there is plenty of prize money there so money and the pandemic is no excuse.

Thirty5mm Lens Photography says:

Liverpool fan here… Klopp can not keep changing the back game in…. and game out. unless you have someone who has been inured. and someone who has played won't win
Allison can hold down the fort. ..Allison does not trust the back four anymore..and his reactions are showing..

I think the players have had enough of Klopp to be quite honest..and maybe it's time for a change..the EPL is Suited for the players within the EPL does not cater to the European game and players.

No Excuse..they getting bad to worse.. .. I love LFC but no spending this is what you get.. No Compliments they need to be 10000000"s better won't happen anytime soon

Visal Vimal says:

More excuses incoming from Liverpool fans – Feel free to fill that all up in the comments section 😁

Ilmi Ak says:

the fast man

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