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This little boy is trying to break a board as part of the Taekwondo white belt inauguration. After struggling several times to break the board and failing, he continues to persevere and shows everyone that he deserves his Taekwondo white belt.
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Lara Ahmed says:

Lol He's soon funny!?

harry rooney says:

Can someone please tell me what adidas shoes he’s wearing in the vid!?! I need that fresh goodness on my feet pls

Broken Haku says:

This is the cutest thing ever ?

Kaity 17 says:

Awwww sure cute

Amber Malik says:

0:27, That's me when I have more Homework and I thought I finished….

Ayyy ItsAaryn says:

When your short girlfriend gets mad

Lingeswarry Linges says:


swhfwqeyo Rafe Ali says:

??????❤❤❤❤❤fsisifgn jfgkkk wjku

Captain Merp says:

White belt?

Cinta Awak says:

0:26 so adorable ????

Cavansir Elesgerov says:

Bravoo little boy

4541n n00b says:

Which schools bow the traditional way anymore

Gianata Shairul says:


**MaraQuas ** says:

that little dance he did??

Meli Ameda says:

Is very good karate haha

Jesus Vargas says:

Haia Haia Haia!!! >:v

Hakuna Matata says:

Awww.. sending you flying kisses from India?.. cutest thing I have ever see.

SlayerofFiction says:

Very cute.
I have never been a fan of Tae Kwan Do being a kickboxer myself.
However what you do with children is absolutely amazing, so I cannot believe I am saying this but….
Both my daughters will go as honestly I think the children instruction for TKD is superior.
I may even attend myself just to encourage them although its going to be hard not to thai kick….

Appy says:

I got diabetes as the amount of cuteness is skyrocketing ???

Appy says:

00:26 AIYAAAA cutest moment ??

Appy says:

sheer innocence ???

Farty Frog says:

What is your Nindo?XD ahahahahahaha

Jade Gordon says:

He is so cute

Ebru Turgut says:

güzel olmuş

pi_ beta says:

I keep coming back to this video because there's nothing else I've found that combines cuteness and inspiration into one adorable package! <3

Maria Lea Federis says:


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Mytrinh Nguyen says:

In my contry im in black belt and have to break 2 bored

Verox LP says:

Never give up!

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