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Madden 12 review and preview .Money plays nano blitzing Offence defence strategy real NFL football .Madden 12 gameplay Official Trailer debut



Airmaxx.308 says:

madden is traight garbage. every year its the same bullshit playing rating mean nothing at all. the last madden i bought is maden 10 and play it ever once in awhile because of the fact like this video shows. last and best football game was espn 2k with terrel ownes on the front cover, but EA holds the rights to the rosters so no other company can make a nfl football game, sorry for those of you that bought madden 12 waisted yoru 60 bucks on a shit ass game

Jonathan Bullard says:

EA is going down hill. Check out FIFA 12. There's this new thing… called Tackling (Slide Tackling, not American football tackling) which has been in the last 7 or so titles x)

Chevyholic 18 says:

How do a running back out run a saftey and linebacker, in the back field!! Unreal

Miles Branscombe says:

Madden will never die because I carry the fuckin team on my back and I do this shit for MADDEN!!!!!!!!!!‘‘‘!!!!!!

csm07cb says:

@kantelier how old are you ?? 8, 9? it wasn't taht long ago we had nfl gameday, qb club, fever, 2k football, and about 3 others i cant remember. You could tell how much effort was put into madden during those days, and now its just….rehashed bs features. The license doesnt have to be bought by anyone, they just did that cuz you sucked ass

csm07cb says:

@kantelier ur the definition of a fucking sheep. they could shit in a box and sell it to you and just because it says madden you would buy it and enjoy it

csm07cb says:

@kantelier LOL hating….fucking weezy braindead generation. If you think madden is good at all you must bnot have ever played REAL football in your life

MegaFootball666 says:

@Cbreezy202 You have know football knowledge do you?I bet you do that rocket catch over and over and over again.

MegaFootball666 says:

@raunchymuffins Know your history about Madden before posting DUMB comments.I am amazed at the amount of ingnorance when it comes to the current state of football video games.I mean honestly where have you been at.To think madden is on the same level of other sports game on the next gen console is just dumb at best.One day you will wake up and realize that madden has played you for the fool you are.Another thing b4 I go "you was looking for a money play to exploit …HUH!!….Wroung VID HUH!!.

MegaFootball666 says:

@two2centz You are the main reason madden will never step up to the plate and make a true to life simulation.You are satisfied with the fact that they rehash there game.Do you want another company to make a game, or are you just satisfied with the same game year end and year out.Think about it ; if madden was so good why did they have to go and buy the exclusive license to the Nfl,Ncaa,and Arena football league when 2k sports was making football games.For your own good know when you are decieved

livehook says:

why cant they just make a good football game

tisoyboy2 says:

Great eye opener vid. Didn't notice while playing demo. Last one I bought was 09. I tend to skip years waiting for more improvements. May still get this if US sales are high cause 09 is getting old.

csm07cb says:

@NikeFlight36 its sad that madden 04 has better run animations, backbreaker has better physics/collisions, 2k has better passing/animations/coverage. madden 12 should be photorealistic, 3d grass not just in replays, real nfl player mocaps instead of generic people doing them. I should be able to play madden and see everyplay and be like wow i cant believe this is a game. instead we get robotic movements, ps2 looking graphics, simplistic gameplay. madden head from 05-10

Spencer Stream says:

@Joeyland Physics? Madden doesn't use physics.

Joeyland says:

explain how D Jackson has the strengh at 185 to push a defender to the ground, bein a track guy and all, or is that part of the new phsyics?

Joeyland says:

by now with so many years with nothing of substance to hype the PR machine is now in full bs mode, how r they gonna keep this up till the next gen, cause u know thats when you might c something new.

MegaFootball666 says:

@csm07cb I couldn't have said it no better myself.

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