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Pure entertainment. It’s always a show when Mansour Bahrami plays!



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Amiral Sohrabi says:

From Iran 🇮🇷 😂

Thomas Corin says:

I wanted a laugh but didn't know his name so I searched "Old Guy Tennis" and he was the first suggestion. Gotta love it.

Paintenstein says:

New favorite athlete by far.

Dove Piranha says:

This man is made in Iran😄😄

reaksiyon1337 says:

he must be in nohat.

Mohammed Awad says:

.ha haah, i love it..i only saw first 20 sec. and i like the mann..beautifull entertainment..thank you sir! 🙂

88 8 says:

I ADMIRE him so much, he is just brilliant.. 🍀

mohit zone says:

Becoz his name is harami

WantOxide says:

This is staged as f. Some of them just serve him easy clown balls for his tennis circus while they can blast a full power shot

Яman Far says:

Mansour Bahrami, I love tennis because of you man! 👍

invictus demon says:

He is the loki of tennis

HUMAN says:

He looks like problem child's Grandpa

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