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Mighty Morphin Kung Fu Rangers

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Original unmodified description from 30/07/2008.-
I know, I know, I said that I wouldn’t release another Kung Fu Panda video until the DVD release, but when I discover and downloaded the 1080p clips from the official site, I couldn’t resist. This is my 56th submission for Youtube, and a new Power Rangers Video. This time, I made this Power Rangers crossover with one of my recent favorite movies, Kung Fu Panda. I really love this movie, specially Po, he’s so fatty and so cute, and of course, I like Master Tigress too, she’s so sexy and so heroine. Also, another of my favorite characters is Master Shifu, he’s really a wonderful and powerful master. both of them are really common, because the Power Rangers are five, just like the furious five, and a new member joined to the original party later. Enjoy it!
WARNING.- Maybe loud sound and music.

Here’s general information about this video, and the characters included.-
The evil being locked for a million of years, Tai Lung, has finally awakened after a long sleep, and it’s planning to conquer the entire earth. The elder master Shifu and his helper, Zeng 5, discover this catastrophic success, have recruit five teenagers to former the powerful team that would defend the Earth from all the Attacks of Tai Lung. This team are Master Mantis, Master Tigress, Master Crane, Master Viper, and Master Mankey, the leader of the team. But, after a long time of victories, Tai Lung is preparing a new rangers that would defeat the five, only with one blow. This ranger is, Po, the Green Ranger, would is controlled by Tai Lung’s Spells. Later, they would brooke Tai Lung spell’s and free Po. Now, Po would joined to the team as a Green Ranger, but, who knows? Maybe later, he would become the White Ranger, and finally, become the leader of the five.

They’re the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of “Kung Fu Panda”.-
Po = Tommy Oliver – The Green Ranger (Much in common, because both joined later to the original team)
Master Tigress = Kimberly Hart – The Pink Ranger (Fits perfectly for Po/Tigress Love, just like Tommy/Kimberly)
Master Crane = Billy Cranston – The Blue Ranger
Master Mantis = Zack Taylor – The Black Ranger
Master Viper = Trini Kwan – The Yellow Ranger
Master Monkey = Jason Lee Scott – The Red Ranger
Master Shifu = Zordon
Zeng = Alpha 5 (Both are always desperate)

Don’t Worry, this time there’s not spoilers warning because I didn’t include any spoiler from the movie, so, go ahead and watch.

Special thanks.-
Dreamworks Pictures (For make awesome 3D movies like Kung Fu Panda)
Vegas 8.0 (This time, I use it for create this video and converting video formats)
Cartoon Network (For bring everybody amazing series like Ben 10, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Ranma One-half, etc.)
TheMummyOfHeatfreak ,xVxShinoxVx, Taniko999, ByKanonGoldens, and Smosh (their videos are a great inspiration for my videos)
Cannonbolt (For being so funny and so cute) 😉
Akane Tendo (For being so beautiful and so cute, even if Ranma said the opposite) 😉
Po (For being so fatty and so cute) 😉

NOTE 1.- I don’t own neither the clips or the music, only the way that were conformed this video.
NOTE 2.- No more request to my mail, please. Download link coming soon!
NOTE 3.- Post too much comments and response, remember, all your comments, requests and replies help me in get better my videos style and qualities, and anything is really appreciated. I don’t know if I gonna have some free time to make videos, but I’m sure I can make my best If I can. And this time is FOR REAL. Thinks are getting complicated for my time, but don’t worry, I’ll continue making videos and uploading them, maybe not as often as now, but I’ll try. Just can I say is that I have some unfinished business and I have to get rid of them.
NOTE 4.- Requesters, please wait, I would take in count your suggestions and I’ll do some proyects when I can, trust me. (If you can send me some of your clips by my GMail, it’s gonna help a lot for create your requests).
NOTE 5.- Please, continue voting for the Ben 10 character that would be the chosen one for the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive video.- http://www.polldaddy.com/p.asp?p=39735

Greeting from Puebla, Mexico, and good luck in voting!
CP’s Big Brotherotaku and Ben 10: The Abridged Series coming soon!


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