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Relive Liverpool’s incredible comeback victory over Milan in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final in Istanbul.

The #UCL Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition’s history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season.



Little Octavio says:

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Max S says:

Such exciting commentary

absolutely immaculate says:

That is one crazy AC milan team.

JayGaara says:

I have a huge crush on Luis Garcia back then … Still love him though

Karin maria says:

I'm Milanisti. I don't know why Milan lose.
Milan 2005 is dream team.
Maybe Liverpool play with 12 Players.
(11 players + supporters).
Istanbul is the most painful final 😭

Pedro Henrique Stock says:

9:55 didn ‘t know noah levenstein was watching the game

THOOTH says:

The best finał ucl off all Time

Czxaswedf Zxasdwebn says:

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raihanshrk19 says:

Few years later ac milan comeback

Bayu Putra says:


jante engeseth says:

I switched off at half time, randomly turned back on at the last shot of the penalty shootout

Saw Casc says:

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Bernardo Bortolotto says:

I miss old Milan

Andres Gonzalez says:

Dudek's saves were phenomenal; his penalty saves were a f…ng embarrassement. He gets 4 feet outaide the goaline; jus ridiculous. No Wonder you cant find footage from the side angles just the back.
A disgrace

Vi Blu says:

it happens when you open Champagne during halftimes.

Dreadful Dan says:

Gerrard took a dive

Igor Bondarenko says:

"Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!"

Abriel Robertsson says:

Funny thing is Milan deserved it in this year and Liverpool deserved it a bit more in 2007 but yeah this is football and anything can happen. Still to this day Idk what happened with Milan's players and how they could be so careless.

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