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The best that 2020 had to offer.

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* I do not own any of the clips that I upload. All clips belong to Major League Baseball.



EXE-Edits says:

Re-upload because I wanted to fix some issues, obviously I'm going to miss some moments but I hope you all enjoy!

Abdulrahiim Browne says:

Did anybody else notice that SD Padres Fernando Tatis Jr's Grand Slam against the Texas Rangers actually hit a cardboard cutout of a fan wearing a Texas t-shirt? One hell of a coincidence,lol.

Jeremy T says:

Carlos Correas Walk Off was majestic. If it isn’t on here that’s upsetting.

My_stomach_hurt187 says:

The 42 jerseys and 42 second moment of silence is perfectly fitting with baseball’s history. If you have a problem with “politics” in baseball you’re the one that’s wrong. Baseball has been at the fore front of social change. Accept it. We don’t have a kaepernick because ours came in 1947. His name was Robinson. Born in Cairo Georgia, raised in Pasadena California. He endured punishment you can’t even imagine.

My_stomach_hurt187 says:

Jose Kelly; dodger legend

Ρrσηατσr тεηδση says:

Why are there exact copies of comments on here? I guess they really don't care if the bots are obvious

Kink E. Sizemore says:

I watched the Braves score all 29 of those glorious runs. Too bad no one was there to witness it.

Thomas Brown says:

A season unlike any other

L Harshy says:

Wait so why didn't the Mets game happen.

Glitch N Yr Matrix says:

Just can't watch a game with cardboard cutouts in the stands.

Unreal Ninja says:

Why did the Padres only play 7 innings?

Nikki Rebullar Geluz says:

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Calico Red says:

The political bs is why I don't watch sports anymore!!!!

Calico Red says:

Uck black lives matter!!!!?!??!!!!!!!! And anyone who supports that bs!!!

Michael Moore says:

still dont get why cash took snell out after 73 pitches, 9 SO 2H & 6 inn. into a game 6 of the world series

Austin says:

Met and marlins game was a disgrace for mlb

Dusty_Murph says:

whats the point of putting the moment of silent parts shits boring as fuck

Dan Liu says:

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Luis Colon says:

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Spencer Lent says:

“Welcome to slam Diego!” That’s awesome announcing 😂😂😂

A says:

A baseball game with cardboard cutouts instead of actual fans is peak retardation. One of the stupidest things I've ever witnessed

Jaxandjoe says:

Joe Kelly makes me mad

Essay says:

11:05 what happened to the annoucer?

JaCe says:

Polanco read that ball so bad, might have been able to catch it

NorJay says:

Yankees radio dude is honestly so annoying

Geovanni Campos says:

Go whitesox

FairfieldCountyEAS says:

Beginning was cringe

Dorakin Warhammer says:

these clips are great. can you monetize them or do you get in trouble with the MLB?

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