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I uploaded this I know but made a big mistake forgot to edit part of it so I fixed it sorry again but it is up now.



Ray H says:

Gym on the hat is a classic 🙂

Donna DAlessio says:

Lol, jumps over wall makes catch drops it and the fan called it like a ref…

Evan Contreras says:

Best blooper was the Indians blowing a 3-1 world series lead

Sophie Altuve says:

4:03 he's not even sprinting to get the ball has jogging bahaha

shelby stepler says:

5:18 miss that smile 🧡🖤

anonymous user says:

Our Astros like to have fun and be sill

Ann_ B says:

1:45 the bat was like “i’m tired of you frikin swinging me around” 😂😂

syd the kid says:

at 4:38, we can’t do that in softball if there was a runner on 2nd. does hs league/club baseball have the “infield fly” rule as well?

EK G says:

Jose has drakes smile

In Depth With David says:

Rest In Peace Jose Fernandez.

nocatchy username says:

1:43 the bat tripped up Lindor.

Liv Convery says:

jose’s smile 😢😍😍 rip

YouGotNoJams Jimin says:

2:58 good old Manny 😂

Benjamin Krawetzki says:

Rangers is in most of these, because it's Adrian Beltre.

prompt says:

the gumball tho hahahahahahahahahaaha

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