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DVD trailer for MLB Bloopers: Baseball’s Best Blunders.

This DVD is currently out of print, but check out our channel for more trailers!



thegoodmusicjukebox says:

You try making the MLB.

Maximilion Cumberbatch says:

If you want to see yasiel puig get caught on camera look at my channel.

Alex Lozano says:

was* is the correct term. Now he's getting old and is in his decline years. No matter what he does tho he'll never produce like he did for STL.

Hermann. Fegelein. says:

You people insulting him are idiots. There is a comma after "fuck." It's not saying "fuck you Americans," it's saying "fuck, you Americans…" – it's for emphasis, not an insult.

Maddisser101 says:

you are a dumbass lmfao

shafkat mehmood says:

crickets better


Love baseball!

Matt Miller says:

how was that racist?

ActingLikeABoss says:

Also, I doubt anyone gives the slightest shit how long you have been playing baseball for. You don't see me going on every baseball video telling people that I've played baseball for 13 years (that's longer than your pathetic ass has been born "kid") and is a pitcher/first baseman for my highschool team. I wish YouTube made an age barrier for kids under 14 with no understanding of the world whatsoever.

ActingLikeABoss says:

If you are going to make an attempt at cursing, say the fucking word.

TeK City says:

Subscribe to me because I'm doing trickshots and quick scopes ninja defuses trolls black ops 2

Robert Hutto says:

funny how they showed a closer when they said stamina haha.

IggyFLOP88 says:

This reminds me of "The Naked Gun" haha.

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