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MLB High IQ Plays: Delayed Steals

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Adam Moreira says:

The first one should be all by itself. Werth was on third after stealing second and third! He singled and then stole 3 bases. I also like how some of the announcers know that sometimes, especially on first and third, you just have to “eat the ball”.

Lucy Lou2 says:

What time s your favorite team?

Paul Pinball says:

Today's MLB players are often oblivious to the situation at hand–stuff that isn't covered by the notes in their pockets/wristbands. These clips look kinda old, recorded before baseball offense became "home run or nothing." Now, should it witness such running strategy, the crowd audibly gasps because it's conditioned to seeing mostly home-run trots.

Chase Carrell says:

I love baseball

GT Godbear says:

My best plays was a 3 RBI triple because we didn't have home run walls. And I threw someone out sliding at home from Deep right field. The opposite coach demanded to see a copy of my birth certificate and the umpire's check too. They thought I was at least 16 to throw that good. I just got lucky and flicked a frozen rope as hard as I could towards home plate and it landed at the right corner of the plate just catching the player in his slide. It was technically illegal because in my league we had to throw to the second or third base if the ball is hit in the Outfield. But I had no choices either throw home or lose the game. Our team was one of the worst in the League and ended up in second place at the end. I played mainly third and first base that season. I would have been the pitcher but a batter standing beside the plate threw me off and my accuracy and fastball equal nothing. I pitched two innings and hit three batters with a hard fastball. One team's catcher didn't wear his equipment right and twice in one game I batted a Ricochet straight to his kneecap. I ended up breaking his knee and he couldn't play the rest of the season. I was a Kiwanis Indian 12yo and 13yo if your birthday was before May 15th and my birthday was May 12th. So I was the oldest player in the league. I have a good batting average but at first I had a problem with throwing the bat as soon as I make contact with the baseball. It took about six times at bat to get it. I actually threw the bat in the stands. Other than that I was actually a fairly good baseball player and I had Becker's muscular dystrophy.

Why do you Need my name says:

Baserunning is so underrated in baseball.

Nicholas Torres says:

At spring training 2020 there was a Padres VS Reds and I saw Jankowski pull his ham spring on a bom that was a triple for him and almost homerun out the park. (He only made it to second

Mae Savage says:

4:10watch him dive
😂😂 ouch

Jeremy hanna says:

A stolen base video and there no ricky hendrson are you nuts he could steal what he wanted when wanted

Moneyman Yourmom says:

Big brain moments lol

jason weldon says:

do delayed steals gone wrong

T.D. McInturff says:

I'm surprised there's not an unwritten rule that disallows stealing. I'd expect Bumgarner to have cried once.

Dan D says:

The best players are the ones that can steal a piece of gum out of their coach’s pocket when he walks by him in the dugout.


Things of beauty, caught them sleeping. Might be the spark needed to get the win. Got to love baseball. Great video

Axiz Kz says:

Bastardo and Dickerson 😂

Caitlin Orr says:

Bro I’m pitcher on my baseball team

SWAG Vibes says:

POV: You clicked this video because you saw the Cubs

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