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Hector Pereira says:

I just wanted to confirm but, in this play 3:14, the team didn't need to get into a run down with the runner right?, they just needed to throw to second, right?

crashzeus says:

Without Altuve, videos about base running mistakes would not be as plentiful.

Erik Eisner says:

In case you don’t know the rule at 0:53, you cannot intentionally drop a ball. You can let it bounce, but you can’t have it in your glove and open your glove.

Guillermo Gil says:

No replay = dislike.

j.p. says:

infield fly rules make no sense. i’ve seen bloopers they let drop and get the double play. some bloopers the same height they call infield fly. then a play like the hanley one in here doesn’t make any sense to me why it would be called out.

Bass Pro says:

Love watching bad shit happen to the ASTROS! Bunch of cheating ass wipes

Ja Bob says:

Angel Hernandez made a great call for once

Amayah M. says:

rip jf 💙

T Stan says:

This makes me feel like baseball really is… just….a….game

David McGeorge says:

0:32 RIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Rob Johnson says:

“What a play by [Yadier] Molina?” How many times have we heard that over the years?

Rob Johnson says:

Hidden ball trick by Todd Helton. Cheap, but great!

Kyler Kruse says:

is that DaBaby on the thumb nail

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