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Arturo Zarza says:

Guy sleeping , pretty much sums up baseball

frank jerseytomato says:


chris vanegas` says:

Click bait!

Dakotah Reynolds says:

Thumbnail was a lie

Chuck Stark says:

Jabba The Hut @ 1:59

Koality Cooking says:


Betty James says:

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Nathan Hale says:

Clickbait! I'll remember next time NOT to watch your video

MoviesPlus MetroFilmFestival says:

Speed! It's from Alien DNA! Get some:

Matthew Smith says:

Goes to show the mental capacity of human life. To fight over a ball or bat, we screwed.

Martin Bakus says:

Don’t watch it doesn’t show anything

Queen victoria says:

Condom man!

Devices are Smart, People are Dumb says:

Gee, what a shock. No video of the big-breasted blonde, being lectured by the small-d!cked, wannabe boyfriend… Gotta love these posters who pull that crap…

Me, myself & I says:

…& he lost his RayBans….

radsdad1 says:

Never heard of them being called bloopers before. Nice Bloopers.

Gary says:

Guy sleeping , pretty much sums up baseball

Steve smith says:

There are no fans….and won't be…..BLM took hold of MLB and killed it.

orangeblood307 says:

I'll never understand the obsession over game balls

Dr O'Boogie says:

I ALMOST subscribed after enjoying a previous video. THEN I GOT CLICK-BAITED. I'll take a pass. Thanks.

Gary Nielsen says:

I hate clickbait

fabio40 says:

I'd really like to know who that blonde is in the thumbnail. Wow!

Booger Snatcher says:

What a bunch of retards. The rest of us were at work being productive.

Jason Jackson says:

Fake thumbnail 👎

llshamelessll says:

ALL woke sports are DEAD to me. Good Bye

michael van says:

fake thumbnail jackwagon liar

Dallas Dallas says:

Remember when baseball was fun and nobody kneeled and people went to games and weren't afraid of a negligibly potent virus? I do. Those were awesome times.

Selena Quintanilla says:

Where is the Anna Kournikova chick??? That's why im here dammit!!!

Tough in The Lou says:

Click bait… so annoying

No Go says:

1:14 don't know why but the mom irritates me. Like if she was embarrassed to snitch, but enjoyed it too much.

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