MLB Unexpected Delays

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Rubén Báez says:

¡Pena de muerte para el sujeto que le retorció el pescuezo al gatito!

Linda says:

The worst scratches I’ve gotten is from a kitten. It took DAYS for the pain to dissipate. I feel for the guy! Love the military – didn’t know Ohio had it in them!

deSuperNoodle says:

“And remember, No Russian .”

Toucan says:

Thumbnail caught me off guard💀

Jeff Dunlap says:

I used to be on of those security guards for the Phillies(second highlight) and unfortunately 90% of them are out of shape and old. It was always embarrassing when they couldn't catch someone.

Serena del Mar says:

Classic military industrial complex, sports have been used as bread and circus to distract the people since Rome. What a lethal joke

bob kazzar says:

1:27 America baby

Mira John says:


Michael Nolan says:

At 1:27– Didn't the Cylons do that on Caprica?

The Fireball Bros! says:

cats are jerks

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