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MNF reaction to Leicester winning the Premier League

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Leicester were handed the 2015/16 Premier League title after Tottenham failed to beat Chelsea. That game was broadcast live on MNF and this is the immediate reaction from Jamie Carragher & Scott Parker about Leicester’s unlikely triumph.

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Sky Sports Retro says:

Let us know which classic Sky clips you want to see next!

J J says:

As a United fan, over the years since Carra has become a pundit I’ve actually become a fan of him.

English Domination says:

Pep let this happen and Pep failed to win the UCL how many times with nearly unlimited budgets. Now's the time, he isn't slick.

Faathir Muhammad says:

Can Leicester City win it again? Or Foxes should win the European Competition first?

Bavarian Army says:

The thing is, on many occasions the little boys have their short spells, most commonly at the beginning of the season where they're pinching at the big boys and for that moment in time, we all look at how wonderful it is, but in all honesty expect and rightly so, for them to come down to earth and drop down the league, because the bug 6 just have incredibly quality teams of depth. But Leicester kicked on, and to strive to keep that form going for 38 games is nothing short of magical. Because a few losses after first 8-10 games of wins is more than enough to put their flame out, but they didn't let that happen.

Jakub Brada says:

Jamie Carragher is like Mark Wahlberg scouser cousin whos parent didnt made it to Boston.

Petromil says:

Favourite to get the sack , wins the title and gets the sack

Alltrans Jay says:

It couldn't have happened to a better club a better owner and a manager people wrote off

Pietro Ferrari says:

Thank you Leicester, for showing us that your dreams can come true ❤️

Menandro Plan says:

And this is when the "EPL is the greatest league" saying was born.

One outlier and all of a sudden "so many teams can win the title making it more competitive"

Joe Oliver says:

I’m a man city fan but I wanted them to win this from game 10 onwards

d6t st says:


Yemi Adebisi says:

I think Jamie Vardy and Kasper Schmeichel will get statues or something special named after them when they leave Leceister City. They are the only two players who were key to winning the 2015/2016 premier league title and the 2020/2021 Fa Cup. They are true Legends of Leceister City 🙌.

BH44 says:

Can’t believe ranieri was sacked 6 months later. What a joke

Peter Black says:

What's the song called at 0:00 to 0:40 in the background?

Jedi Roya says:

Tottenham finishing above Man C, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, but beaten to the title by Leicester, is the most Tottenham thing ever.

Tony Chan says:

Fun Fact: The team who finished second that season was NOT Spurs! It was Arsenal !!!!!

Sujoy Chakravarthi says:

When Leicester won that title, we all won too. No matter who you supported, Football won when they lifted that title. Absolutely surreal ♥️

Joel Godfrey says:

City winning the league in 18/19 better.

a a says:

Now they won the fa cup

Better To Be An Eagle Than A Deluded Pigeon 🔱 says:

Claudio Ranieri ! Claudio Ranieri ! Claudio Ranieri !

What a legend !!! Proved all the critics wrong ! Legend ! Wish I could meet him ! Absolute legend ! Leicester City deserved it 100% ! A momentous for the club ! Can’t even imagine the feeling of the fans when they win the league !!! So happy a different club won the league instead of the usual clubs winning ! Legendary !

Padraig G says:

And here Leicester are in the top 4 again. What a team what a club

【Jack】 says:

Jamie carragher turned into a Leicester fan

Yxkal says:

Extremely overrated imo had some of the best players at the time vardy Kante and marez people think it’s “single greatest achievement in football” just kinda cause at the time every glory hunted so hard and backed them was so cringe

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