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None of the clips used in this video belong to me, the song is outro by m83. no doubt I missed many sports and they might not be the best, but they are inspiring, waddle on looboomers

Most amazing sports video, incredible, racing running and swimming, world record, fastest time, cool sports, best sport video



Extreme _ says:

Bro… This is beautiful. Be proud.

Ronith R says:

00:01 the moment I saw Ayrton Senna I started tearing up🥺😍🏎

Andrey Lenichev says:

Ебучее регби и сюда засунули- не до спортсмены

William Hill says:

Phelps edited out but more racing.
Still don't see why the protest clip was used. After all they made it all the way to the Olympics and thats really top notch.
Still great rendering.

Blazø Baldwin says:

Is that bitch a fkin flying squirrel


Can you be original. You straight ripped this off the other video

Aaron Bedi says:

Glad motorsport is respected

Phrog says:

Was that Mohammad Ali

keeganator17599 says:

You just ripped half of these off that other m83 sports video

Patricia Hill says:

That monster truck! What?! Lol

Caleb Rodrigues says:

This made me break a tear of joy a amazing video

Will The Lemon Man says:

Absolute class

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