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Most Memorable Baseball Moments In Recent History (Part 1) (MLB)

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Jackson says:

As a proud Cardinal and Blue Jay fan, this video makes me smile.
I hope David Freese sees the impact he made on so many people in the years of his retirement.
I hope Bautista sees the impact he made on Blue Jays fans forever.

Ronit Kapur says:

Even though I’m a Yankees fan I have to respect David Ortiz ✊ is 💯

JoeFromOz says:

wheres 2004 when the Yankees loose to the Red Sox best moment in history

Anthony birkholz says:

I am forever a Yankees fan but that World Series in 2016 when the Cubs FINALLY won the World Series after 108 yrs, makes me cry as a true baseball fan. I got to see baseball's greatest story unfold. Something that neither of my grandfathers saw in their lifetimes. Both of them huge baseball fans. Now I am a Yankees AND a Cubs fan. Love Anthony Rizzo.


Whenever a cubs fan makes fun of me as a Cardinals fan, I always say, it didn’t take me 108 years to win a World Series.

KG says:

Dude rajai Davis was nothin but clutch in the world series

KG says:

1:01 that is a priceless reaction lmao

Youtube Police says:

Bartolo Colon gets his first hr?

Unusual Retail says:

Wow, still hard to watch Nelson Cruz NOT catch that flyball.

Platinum Spike says:

Love how it says part one but it was released a year and a half ago without a sequel. R.I.P.

AbelMadeIt says:

i was at this moment when he realized he f****d up 3:05

miniplex143 says:

My mom was on the floor almost crying when rajai Davis tied that game

American Superdad says:

Cubs win!!! I nearly had a heart attack!! Came back from 3-1 deficit to win it all baby!!!

joph molh says:

2015 Royals world series game 1?????????

Jared chacon says:

Is there a part two

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