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As we near the end of the decade, let’s take a look back at the most memorable moments in the NHL this past decade.

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2009-10 0:00
2010-11 1:44
2011-12 3:28
2012-13 5:26
2013-14 9:48
2014-15 12:10
2015-16 14:15
2016-17 16:20
2017-18 18:45
2018-19 20:56

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Sports With Scott says:

If you like sports go watch my newest video, link is in the description!

Sawyer Woodhouse says:

this video reinspires my hate for the Owners and Gary Bettman their mouthpiece

Cole Adams says:

i miss large crowds wow do they have an impact on the game

Will Schromm says:

I love how there is a little bit for every team

Jason Thompson says:

Love the Oilers representation. Great video mate,

itsjustjoel says:

thatd be funny if the refs called a too many men on the ice penalty (26:35)

Jordan Johnson-Thiel says:

Honestly very disappointed there were no Dallas stars goals it was all Dallas getting scored on next time make clips where Dallas does good.

Serial Miller says:

So many great moments, I miss Dave Strader and will greatly miss Doc Emrick. Two of the most unique voices to ever call the game.

Extensive says:

18:42 lmao i like how the crowd was booing pittsburgh because they have to watch their own hometown get defeated

Rangelife1980 says:

I don't see how this isn't all just clips of Daysyuk, but whatever.

Quintin Dewsbury says:

Why mcdavid playin before he got drafted dœ🤭

Dan Goodwin says:

2019 will always be pain for me

CrabYY says:

that Kane goal is basically one of the main reason they day I was born is special

Give me 1000 subs and I will eat a muffin says:

I thinks sports with Scott is a hawks fan lol

DALLAX76 says:

McDavid wasn't in the nhl en 14-15 he gets drafted in 2015 lol btw awesome vid

Fish says:

Unless im on drugs, there was no crazy goalie saves

Liam Atkins says:

Despite a few placement issues as far as the clips, good video. Very entertaining.

77landmark says:

Not good on leaving out the Miracle on Katella/Game 7. Not good at all

Rytex says:

You really didn't include the Comeback on Katella? Seriously?

Christian Taillon says:

How do you not HAVE A SINGLE FLAMES GOAL? Do you fucking realize how much you've missed? Fuck you

ChicagoBro says:

That last second goal by Yakupov was his only memorable moment in the NHL that doesn’t involve him being a bust lol

Crytekx says:

the ending between Chicago and Philidelphia was so anti-climatic, no one knew what happened except from the goalscorer

dudefood says:

Gary Bettman is a piece of shit and I hate him

K Macca says:

Beautiful – perfecting ending!!! #wewentblues

Lego SportsNet says:

A lot of Blackhawks moments here

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