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NBA “High IQ” Trick Plays
Smartest Players In the NBA!!
J 1:9



Highlight Reel says:

Turn ON "POST NOTIFICATIONS" 🔔 to see Part 2!

Trinidad Vivienne says:

Aaron Rodgers

Mauro Huber says:

Im glad you played manu in the end cos if there is a player with IQ that man is the one that catch the bat ginobilli!!!

Stefan Ramirez says:

Roy Williams

Rosanne Carli says:

vOpening Day 2021

General Vujošević says:

Public in the game , good old time

We are all Equally worthless. says:

Manu looked like brady throwing in the pocket in the last one damn lol

Matthew McDonough says:

I’m so sick of seeing Ben simmons throw the ball off the dudes back I have seen the clip 83928382 times

Tiffanie Lavonda says:

vPetr Kellner

Cville Merton says:

Sacramento player deflecting free throw off the front rim? That was a “low IQ” play by the officials. NBA rule = “The free throw shooter may not step over the plane of the free throw line until the ball touches the basket ring, backboard or the free throw ends.”

Gummy bear Yo says:

This one kid did the second one at one of my basketball games and I thought it was cool 4 seconds left I the game I tried this and messed up

xAbcP says:

Too many freindships were destroyed from these kinds of playing

OnlyCenterz says:


David Kramer says:

1:52 that's what you get for ripping K-Love's shoulder out…LeBron didn't forget

Finn N says:

This should be titled "things which feel illegal but aren't"

DIY Plumbing says:

Simmons was still out of bounds, whatever…

Muricaa says:

I hate these "low iq" "900IQ" titles

Stephen Curry says:

Am I low iq?

Nate Erickson says:

Half the plays are the Timberwolves getting burned

Stamatios Frezados says:

No "White Chocolate" No Party.. I dont blame you not including Jason Williams because you have to know what NBA is…

R Dozzi says:

"NBA eat shit"
Fortune cookie.

Ari’s Blogs says:

0:01 has happened to me but instead of my back it was my stomach

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