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Outro Song: JJD & Alex Skrindo – Aurora

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joey Veloso says:

Why'd he tackle his own teammate??? 4:00

Mr. DJ1s Sir says:

Take a look at Roger Craig against the Rams back in the day.

Dustin Rader says:

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Than Nguyen says:

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Just Kaws says:

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What Now? says:

8:40 why is that not a field goal? clearly went past?

DianeMarie Hedin says:

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mm carts4 says:

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RJ Weissenborn says:

The field goal at the end should have been counted as good! It went through and then bounced out but once it broke the plain just like the end zone it should count. Just like a runner who breaks the plain then gets pushed back out. Its still a touchdown so that should have been a field goal

Ozil Gzbsj says:

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Hack To Scratch Golf says:

The colts fake punt against the pats was actually a brilliantly designed play but it was just one communication error lol

mitchell cox says:

That's a forward pass by Rogers.

Dan Woodwick says:

The Cardinals Chargers play was in the preseason, so can't blame them for trying something in a game that doesn't really matter.

Juan Hernandez says:

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Be Sch says:

Ich finds einfach zu geil wenn die Amis die eigenen Regeln in ihrem Sport nicht verstehen.
Was ein dummes Volk

noah frank says:

Jesus loves you

Zhen Jiang says:

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dittoheadAZ says:

I remember seeing the Rams/Saints double-fumble game when it happened!

dittoheadAZ says:

The second one is a TYPICAL Cardinals play. We've had to put up with that garbage here for a third of a century.

Calvin Dirette says:

just so we're clear, if it was Tom Brady, and not Aaron Rodgers fumbling that ball to Boykin for the touchdown, it would have been considered "the tuck rule" and an incomplete pass.

Joe Wilson says:

Collinsworth's call. What tha? You got a guy on either side of him? What are you doing here?

Jeff Benedict says:

Defensive backs should be coached to NEVER lateral the ball on an interception or fumble recovery. It's like their feeble brains short circuit when they get the ball in their hands.

The Collector says:

I like the first one the best

GWS says:

4:20 "He's just out there kicking touchdowns."

angel lindahl says:

25th Amendment

steven dudley says:

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David Allen says:

Phuck the NFL

Leeroy Kincaid says:

Why did the NY Giant tackle his own man to cause fumble? Seems intentional.

Joseph Stalin says:

That was actually a field goal in the Cleveland ravens game. Once it goes through its good they consider that not part of the goal post. You corrupt capistalists dont even know your own rules

coco says:

you could have added Leon Lett gaffes

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