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budleewiser says:

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In Exile says:

Shocking number of these tried against the Chiefs–both successful and failed

Jane Parks says:

Odell’s got a better arm than a lot of QB’s😂

winer zhao says:

The Eagles really got abused by trick plays this year.

Michael Sakowski says:

All those Packers trick plays, said no one!

Debbie Andrews says:

Eagles getting tricked as always. They gotta be the most tricked team in NFL. Lol!

Beefy says:

Takeaways from the video:
Flea-flickers almost always work
Fake punts sometimes work
Fake field goals usually don't work

Landon Kesner says:


Jackson Tagliente says:

You missed bills vs Texans bill touchdown by josh that Joan brown throw

Stacey McSharry says:

Rip eagles fans
They didn’t even include the one where Edelman threw a touchdown pass

oblivion85 says:

Thanks for not putting the fake punt the Texans tried with chiefs during the playoffs.

Jo Ka says:

3:01 CUTBACK !!!

Edward Zibert says:

oH aND a LitTLe TriCkErY hErE

Ryan Kim says:

Sometimes its pretty tough being an Eagles fan. They didn’t even include the Patriots one. They just confuse our brain 2 much

Logan Draluck says:

Dam Odell got an arm

Ken Sandberg says:

The last "lateral" (at :50) on the Houston trick play against New England, was a forward pass. TD should not have counted.

Chris Dutton says:

Do flea flickers really count as trick plays at this point?

Andrew Doromal says:

This more than anything shows me how slow some of these dudes are

iitsTre_ says:

Gotta admit, Cousins really went all out. Mans really laid out for that attempted catch.

iitsTre_ says:

Yo honestly… Kyler Murray and Matt Stafford have two of the nastiest arms I’ve ever seen. Like both of those plays back to back were incredible!

Devante Jackson says:

u missed the cardinals fake punt against the bucs

Selvin es says:

10:24 User pick

Selvin es says:

4:04 User spin

JRX says:

haven't seen edelman's td throw against giants

Michael Orosco says:

4:14, It's a miracle the faders can do anything right!

Christopher Strebeck says:

Flexing after tackling a kicker…HAHAHAHAHA

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