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Plays that are like trickshots, mostly field goals and lucky bounces.

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Rossi Hall says:

That guy who thought the field goal for the Browns should've been fired. Like, give me a break! If it goes through its good… for heaven's sake. You gotta be kidding me. Gosh, Joe Buck is smarter than that moron.

joshua rios says:

Browns won that game in overtime btw

S.E. Sander says:

01:00 the goal post judge on the left never signaled a made field goal. It shouldn't have counted. Look up the rules, both judges need to verify the FG attempt for it to count. Crazy! Dude is slacking.

The Number One Bot says:

7:26 that’s not something you don’t see everyday (bottom of screen)

boon-cpu says:

double doink

Louis Pecceu says:

7:48 wait you can down missed field goals like punts?? Never knew that because kicks will never land in the field now that the posts are in the back

R North says:

This was worth just hearing Pat Summerall and John Madden again.

tag7100 says:

3:15 Poor little bastard had to jump to see over a larger player during his own kick…

Ryan S says:

These are not trick shots it’s just lucky shots

Diego Ramirez says:


JoaquinTh3Hobo says:

what about Jermaine Kearse super bowl catch?

Sleepless Rug says:

Why the shitty music

JT Gaming says:

Cody’s double doink

Kazuyxshii says:

1:00 dude at the base of the uprights just falls over.

Ta Plunkers says:

I feel so bad for Denver

Adrianna Dominguez says:

1:02 I cried hard because they lost so close I fr like fr cried

AppleLauda says:

0:59 plays troll song

SpursTroII says:

Where’s Parkeys double goal post trick shot

Rove says:

Too many replays

brandon d says:

Cody Parkey has joined the chat

2010Mit piggy’s says:

Piggy’s are the best

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